Casa Amor newbies not invited to Love Island original casts secret WhatsApp group


THE original Love Island cast has a secret WhatsApp group – and the Casa Amor newbies “weren’t invited” to join.

Sophie Piper, 23, let slip she’s keen to keep the day one stars separate from the latecomers who made moves on her friends’ boyfriends.

The Casa Amor girls who haven’t made it into the Love Island group chat

Sophie was dumped from the villa after Islanders chose to save Mike Boateng over her.

She’d already met her love interest Callum Durman who was waiting for her on the outside. The pair are now dating.

Speaking to The Sun Online at BOXPARKS Love Island screening, Sophie said: “We actually do have a WhatsApp group, but it’s the deadest WhatsApp group ever. It’s not going off at all!

“I don’t think the Casa Amor people are in there. They’re not invited! They’re a separate group….” she said before adding: “Joking… it’s just mainly the people that started from the start.

Sophie was coupled up with Callum in the villa

“It’s weird all the Casa people went in and I don’t know any of them but they were on the same show as me!”

Molly Smith returned from Casa Amor with Callum Jones – breaking Shaughna Phillips’ heart.

Meanwhile Mike found a special connection with Priscilla Anyabu and Nas Majeed pied Demi Jones for Eva Zapico.

On the outside, Sophie has been enjoying romantic dates with Connor since leaving the villa and catching up with her axed pals.

Since leaving the ITV2 reality show, the pair have been trying to see each other as much as they can, despite living over 75 miles away from each other.

They’ve been enjoying dates on the outside
She’s also been catching up with pal Shaughna

She said: “I’ve seen all the girls, Eve Leanne, Shaugna. Finally seeing Nas this weekend.”

She’s also been revealing behind the scenes secrets about what’s not shown on TV.

Sophie insists some of the couples cant keep their hands off each other at night time. She said: “I feel like there was definitely bits going on! Definitely. Not between me and Connor, no way!

On the first couple of nights I was too scared to turn over to see his face so my back used to hurt from being on my side!

There’s talk of the breakfast club at the moment, so I think there’s definitely some bits being done in there for sure!