Fans call out Love Island bosses for ‘setting up’ Casa Amor scene as they spot huge show blunder in bedroom

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LOVE Island fans have called out a huge editing blunder in a key bedroom scene.

Viewers of the ITV2 reality series were left perplexed when Catherine Agbaje, 23, appeared to sleep next to Casa Amor bombshell Elom, 22, in the exact same position two nights running.

Love Island fans have accused the show of showing the same bedrooms scene between Catherine and Elom two nights running

Elom, 22, arrived in Casa Amor as a bombshell

The pair wasted no time locking lips in the spin-off villa

They uploaded side-by-side grabs of the snooze scenes to Twitter as if to prove their point.

Elom is seen holding the Dubliner in both snaps, lying on the same side, with their hands in an identical position.

The hunky PT and masseuse recently caught the eye of the OG girl and the pair have even locked lips – despite the estate agent being coupled up with Scott van der Sluis.

Viewers were shocked and outraged when Catherine snogged Elom and promptly turned on the babe after the sneaky kiss in the spin-off villa.

Now they are suspecting foul play after they accused Love Island bosses of editing the black-and-white sleep scenes.

One took to Twitter to quiz: “Yesterday Night. Vs Tonight’s Bed Time Clip. Hey LoveIsland how y’all using the same clip for two different nights?”

Another on Reddit simply mused: “They setting up my sis.”

One commented: “We as viewers should not be able to pick up on these things.”

Another suggested: “So does this mean her and Elom did not cuddle the second night? Because if they did why not just show that instead of putting this old one.”

One then added: “They’re trying to make their connection deeper than it actually is imo. All odds point to her recoupling but it’s still eh on their part. She’s given enough footage for them to not even have to do all of that…”

A fan then suggested: “They intentionally edited it this way. I still think Catherine gravitates more towards Elom and is definitely recoupling with him but they want to over-dramatize the situation.”

One then surmised: “This is weird.”

The latest mishap followed an editing mix-up which saw a “weird hand” appear on Scott’s shoulder.

It came shortly after Elom revealed his impressive body transformation.

The star entered the villa as a bombshell alongside Kodie Murphy, 20, Ouzy See, 28, Lochan Nowacki, 25, Zachary Ashford, 27, and Benjamin Noel, 26, last week.

After flashing his toned figure in Love Island‘s sun-soaked Mallorca villa, Elom has shared his secrets.

He took to his TikTok page for a video entitled: “Before I started gym.”

The initial images showed his lean look as he stripped to his gym joggers before he uploaded a snap showing the caption: “Now.”

It captured him posing for a selfie with the help of a mirror as he flashed a beaming smile.

Meanwhile, in recent days, fans have suspected Elom has been lying about his age while in the villa.

Fans speculated show bosses are ‘setting up’ Catherine with the bedtime blunder

Catherine divided opinion when she snogged Elom despite being paired with Scott