Emmerdale star confirms comeback after disappearing months ago

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WITH all the upheaval in the Dales, fans may not have noticed a familiar face had been out of the picture for months.

One Emmerdale star took to Instagram on Tuesday (July 4, 2023) to announce their imminent return to screens.

The Anderson family welcomed two of their own in the Dales

But viewers may have been wondering where Ethan disappeared to

Actor Emile John announced he’d soon be back

Ethan Anderson actor Emile John revealed he was back on the set of the ITV soap with a selfie posted on his Instagram story.

The 26-year-old star snapped a cosy moment in the Anderson household alongside co-stars Rebecca Sarker, Flo Wilson and on-screen father Kevin Mathurin.

Emile, and more precisely his character Ethan, hasn’t been seen in the long-running show since April 7, 2023.

The hour-long episode focused on Caleb and Nicky Milligan who were revealed to be related to Frank Tate and on a mission to take Kim Tate down at Home Farm.

While Ethan remained on the side-lines, he was thrown into turmoil earlier in the year when his boyfriend Marcus Dean left Emmerdale after cheating on him.

What do the Dales have in store for the solicitor?

Although he keeps details of his time away private, Emile John’s latest Instagram post seems to suggest he recently enjoyed a holiday in Spain with friends.

Meanwhile, viewers of the Yorkshire-based program may remember that the Anderson family recently welcomed to of their own in the eponymous village.

Charles’ mother Claudette rocked up the Dales before ruffling Manpreet Sharma’s feathers – and moving by claiming she had nowhere else to go.

The Emmerdale vicar was then shown paying a prison inmate a visit and the mystery person was revealed to be his criminal father, Victor (portrayed by Eddie Osei).

While Claudette was welcomed with open arms, Charles warned his father to stay away from the family but Victor refused to comply.

Although Charles was reluctant to let Victor in, his daughter Naomi (Karene Peter) thought he deserved another chance to prove how much he had changed his ways.

However, Naomi is due for a dramatic departure as her evil grandfather whispers into her ear to make the most out of Vinny Dingle’s windfall.

Vinny Dingle recently sold Mill Cottage to Caleb Milligan, which angered Cain Dingle.

Could Ethan get involved in trying to compensate Vinny for Naomi’s actions?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Emile John appeared to be enjoying a holiday abroad

Naomi is leaving the Dales after a year