Furious Scott slams Casa Amor girl and reveals huge feud as he accuses Love Island cast of ‘using his name’ for clout

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FURIOUS Love Island star Scott has slammed a Casa Amor girl after revealing a huge feud.

The footballer has accused various members of the Love Island cast as ‘using his name for clout.’

Furious Love Island star Scott has slammed a Casa Amor girl after revealing a huge feud

Scott called out Casa Amor star Tink

Scott also revealed a feud with Love Island star Kady McDermott

He appeared on a podcast and revealed the feud, as he said: “If my name brings you views, you do it girls. You do it. You come for me.”

He brought Kady into conversation as well as Tink – both girls who’d appeared on this year’s summer series.

Scott was questioned about the uncleanliness he’d been accused of in the villa, but told On Demand Entertainment: “Kady has said something about me leaving my beard trimmings in the sink.

“That is the biggest load of s*** ever. I cleaned it up every time and it was never me. It’s just all a load of crap.”

Scott also discussed making his bed, and said he did it in the first two weeks but then couldn’t be bothered towards the end.

He explained: “I did it every single day the first two weeks but then I couldn’t be bothered.

“Oh I’ve seen that Tink said I left foot markings on the bed but that’s another load of s***.

“What it was was I’d lie on the bed and then put my feet up on the end of the bed. There was a little white backboard and I put my feet on there, so that’s all it was.”

During the same chat, Scott revealed at a clash at the Love Island final party.

The footballer revealed that Kady and Ouzy approached him at the final party to warn him not to take their comments to heart.

But Scott says he hit back at the influencer, who appeared on the show before, and warned her he would also have plenty to say.

Since leaving the villa Kady has raised eyebrows for being incredibly open on a range of podcasts while discussing her fellow Islanders.

He said: “I spoke to Kady and Ouzy and they said don’t take anything personally. I said ‘when I got on a podcast, don’t take it personally’.

“Because listen, when it comes to Kady, Kady knows what she is doing. Kady played the game better than anyone in there. Comments that she made to me, Molly and Zach, she knows what she is doing, she has been in the game for seven years.

“Every little thing that she was acting innocent about, she wasn’t acting innocent, she knows exactly what she is doing. Kady is being Kady.”

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