How to get a Big Mac for just £1.29 today

CHANGZHOU, CHINA - 2022/04/29: A pedestrian walks past a McDonald's sign. (Photo by Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

EVERYBODY loves a fast food deal – especially during the painstaking cost of living crisis.

So you’ll be pleased to know you can nab a McDonald’s Big Mac for £1.29 today – here’s how.

McDonald’s Big Macs are down to £1.29 today

From 11am onwards, fans of the fast food chain can bag a Big Mac for £2.70 less than usual.

Customers can also buy a McMuffin for 99p, saving £1.70.

The deals are only available for McDonald’s App users – so you’ll need to be signed up. But it’ll only take a few minutes and you can do that online.

Just keep in mind you can only get these reduced prices today, so make sure you don’t miss out.

You can find your nearest McDonald’s using the restaurant locator tool here.

If you’re on the McDonald’s app, you’ll see a different deal every Monday – so keep your eyes peeled for next week.

Those who are signed up can also earn Reward points after every penny they spend.

The restaurant’s loyalty scheme, where customers can earn points and exchange them for free food, lets you earn one point for every penny.

So the £1.29 Big Mac on offer today will earn you 129 points.

And the 99p McMuffin will earn you 99 points through the MyMcDonald’s loyalty scheme.

You’ll need at least 1,500 points to earn anything for free. Menu items you can exchange with them include small fries, a regular McCafe and a mini McFlurry.

What else is on the menu and for how much?

Maccies is the perfect place to grab a bite on the cheap, with snacks and deals starting from less than 99p.

McDonald’s menu is the same across the UK – stock and ice cream machines permitting – but prices can differ slightly, depending on where you live.

Central London prices are normally pricier. For example, without the promotion, a Big Mac usually costs at least £3.99 as a singular item, but in Slough the same item costs roughly £3.49.

But for general pricing, six chicken nuggets cost from £3.49 while nine are £3.79 and a share box of 20 is £4.59, according to the McDonald’s app.

You will only need 99p for a small portion of fries, £1.39 for a medium, and £1.69 for a large box.

Children’s favourite, the Happy Meal, costs £2.79.

The McDonald’s wrap of the day goes for £1.99 alone or and £3.59 as a large meal.

You can see a full list of items here.

Have you ever wondered who owns McDonald’s? Perhaps it’s not common knowledge, but we think it’s pretty interesting.

And don’t forget to check out the McDonald’s breakfast menu before you head out to grab the deal this morning – you might want to check what’s still going and what’s the cheapest.

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