Organized Criminals Steal £12 Million Worth of Goods from John Lewis, Unleashing Havoc on the High Street


Shoplifting Epidemic

John Lewis reveals that an eye-watering £12 million worth of goods was stolen last year, signaling a rise in organized shoplifting by criminals. The trend has wreaked havoc on the high street, posing a major challenge for retailers like John Lewis and discount supermarket Lidl.

Retailers Struggle

Dame Sharon White, the Chair of John Lewis Partnership, warns that organized shoplifting has become more than just random thefts. Criminals are now engaged in shoplifting to order, with gangs targeting multiple stores in a systematic manner. This alarming trend has turned shoplifting into a full-fledged job for criminals.

Call for Tough Laws

Dame Sharon White is calling for a change in legislation in England and Wales to introduce tougher sentences for shoplifting and abuse against shopworkers, in a similar vein to the laws in Scotland. She points out that the police in Scotland are more responsive to store crimes due to these stricter laws.

Impact on Retailers

Lidl, the discount supermarket, is also feeling the impact of organized shoplifting. Chief Executive Ryan McDonnell acknowledges the industry-wide issue and discloses that Lidl is equipping its staff with more body cameras to enhance security and ensure their safety.

Glorification on Social Media

Shoplifting has even gained glorification on social media platforms like TikTok. Primark recently revealed that thieves are using TikTok to share tips on stealing and even rank their looted goods, further exacerbating the problem.