Gemma Collins admits she wet herself and feared she’d lose her legs in horrific Radio 1 Teen Awards blunder


GEMMA Collins has revealed she wet herself and feared she’d lose her legs in her horrific Radio 1 Teen Awards fall.

The GC, 39, went crashing through a trap door on stage when presenting an award to Love Island and was terrified she’d done some serious damage, as she opened up about the blunder on Shopping With Keith Lemon.

Gemma Collins opens up about her horror Radio 1 Teen Awards fall on Shopping With Keith Lemon

Three years after threatening to sue the Beeb over falling through the trap door at Wembley Stadium, the Towie star admitted she had another little accident mid-fall.

In HOAR Online’s exclusive clip, Keith quizzes her about it, and asks: “Let’s talk about some embarrassing things yeah, when you fell at the awards.”

And Gemma says: “Yeah my legs nearly got cut off and that’s not a lie. I got a bit excited when I was giving the award. I’m at Wembley Stadium, the crowd is screaming. I love Love Island, I was screaming ‘Love Island’, and I got so excited I spun around, not realising they’re coming from the bottom of the stage.

“I fell on four of the Love Islanders, I nearly killed them and the cameraman started shouting ‘we’re gonna get her legs cut off, get her up!’

Gemma remembers swinging around and losing her step as the stage had been lowered to allow Love Islanders to jump on
The GC is helped back up on her feet at Radio 1 Teen Awards 2017

Gemma threatened to sue the BBC after shell through a trap door on stage

“Then all of a sudden I’m back in the air at Wembley Stadium with a mic and carried on with the award.”

Keith, who had heard the story before, remarked: “You must have been a bit shook?”

But Gemma left him speechless when she replied: “Well I wet me-self!”

Keith wasn’t expecting Gemma to reveal she had wet herself

The Love Island stars Gemma crashed into were Amber Davies, Jamie Jewitt and Marcel Somerville.

She was there to present the Radio 1 Teen Award for Best TV Show.

The trio rushed to help the Towie star as she suddenly dropped through the trapdoor on stage.

The Towie star quickly took to social media to confirm she was OK – and later said it was “all worth it” when she posted a selfie with Rita Ora.

Gemma forgave the BBC after the incident and went on to sign a bumper deal with the corporation to host a tell-all podcast about her bonkers life.

Shopping With Keith Lemon starts on 25th October, 10pm on ITV2.