I was on Love Island and exposed a HUGE secret to the villa – but it was never shown on camera


LOVE Island’s Abi Moore’s has revealed she told the villa a huge secret when she arrived – but it was never shown on camera.

Bombshells who enter the Love Island villa late are given strict instructions not to reveal information about the outside world.

Abi couldn’t resist telling her fellow Islanders a huge secret

She left the villa long with Scott van der Sluis

But Abi has confessed she couldn’t resist sharing a particularly big news story.

The blonde beauty stormed the villa around the same time as the Titanic tourist submarine implosion.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Abi said: “When I’d gone it, it was the Titanic story with the submarine and obviously none of the Islanders knew about it.

“I was just so excited to tell them all this interesting story that had happened in the news.

“I got in trouble a little bit for talking about news stories and stuff.”

Abi also claimed winners Jess Harding and Sammy Root had a row that was never shown while she was in the villa.

Abi explained: “At lunch we’re not allowed to sit together so we’d get separated and then he was talking to the boys and made a comment about his type.

“He said it was petite and brunette and Jess got really upset and it did cause an argument but it all had to get resolved and squashed.”

Abi continued: “It had to get squashed before we resumed again because obviously they were getting on fine before lunch.

“So after lunch it would’ve just been like ‘what’s been going on.’”