I’m a celebrity dentist and Love Island’s turkey teeth trend is so unhealthy


A CELEBRITY dentist has spoken out about Love Island’s ‘turkey teeth’ trend – coining it “unhealthy.”

Islanders are known for their love of cosmetic surgery, and many past stars have entered the villa with new veneers or, as they are nicknamed, “Turkey teeth”.

Love Island star Jess Harding said Turkey teeth are something she finds attractive

Dr Richard Marques is the man behind many of the smiles of high-profile celebrities

They are called this because people often fly to Turkey to get them done cheaply.

And Jess Harding, who is taking part in this year’s summer series, revealed that Turkey teeth is something she actually finds attractive.

Talking to host Maya Jama about her ideal man, she said: “I like Turkey teeth, I don’t know why!”

Taken aback, Maya replied: “Well, do you know what that is niche!”

But dentist to the stars, Dr Richard Marques, said it’s really not the best way to achieve a pearly white smile, after searches for the teeth transformation skyrocketed recently.

The Harley Street dentist is the man behind the smiles of many a high-profile celebrities, including Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Chloe Sims, and Joey Essex.

Discussing the implications of ‘Turkey teeth’, he explained: “Short term implications of travelling abroad to achieve the ‘turkey teeth’ look include exposed nerves which can cause intense pain, sore and swollen gums and infections. 

“The long-term applications of not understanding what the entire procedure entails before fully committing to the procedure abroad are chronic pain, sensitive teeth, rotting teeth and ill fitted veneers falling off.”

He explained that because the procedure is done “cheaper” it doesn’t “require extensive dental expertise.”

Dr Richard added: “Teeth are consequently being filed down much more than they would be for correctly fitted veneers.

“Although it can be understood that many look to this option due to affordability, It’s worth noting that there are various options available in the UK – do your research into what your local dentists offer and seek recommendation from them regarding what you’re looking for.”

Despite the popularity of ‘Turkey teeth’ on reality shows, the celebrity dentist said he has seen a decline in “the volumes of people setting out to achieve the look.”

“I’m finding that people are choosing to have their veneers done in UK instead,” he continued.

A number of Love Island stars have been open about their visits to Turkey to have teeth transformations.

Former winner of the show, Jack Fincham, has previously spoken about his “regret” at getting ‘Turkey teeth.’

He said: “There was nothing wrong with them. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know.”

Just a week into his Love Island journey, one of his front teeth cracked.

“This is the God’s honest truth,” he recalls. “One of the water bottles hit it and it had a little hairline crack up the middle of it.”

Many of the Love Island stars have pearly white smiles

Former Love Island winner Jack Fincham has spoken about his “regret” at getting ‘Turkey teeth’