I won massive £6m lottery prize but had to LEAVE the UK – here’s why I was forced out

Camelot AdvertsFilming of the new National Lottery TV advertising campaign, starring jackpot winner, Roger Robar, who won £5.8 million on 1st June 1996 and has since bought the restaurant where he was working as a chef. The restaurant is now called " Roger's Seafood Restaurant" and because he loves cooking, Roger continues to work there. The campaign poses the question, " What would you do if you won this Saturday ?"Contact National Lottery Newsroom on 01923 425456 for further information.Credit - Adrian Brooks/ Imagewise Editorial use only : Copyright Picture Adrian Brooks / Imagewise Contact 020 8858 6555 / 07768 696197 / Email [email protected]

A MAN who won a massive £6m lottery prize had to leave the UK – after strangers bombarded him with requests for money.

Roger Robar said his life became hell and it felt like he was being suffocated after scooping up millions back in 1996.

Roger Robar scooped up £6milion in 1996

Just three years after the winnings hit his bank account, Roger felt like he had no choice but to flee the country.

The former chef was inundated with thousands of people asking for help.

He received more than 50 requests from strangers within the first week and in total gave away £1.5million.

Roger said it caused him so much stress, ruined his marriage and stopped him from having more kids.

The dad, who started playing in a bid to pay off his daughter’s wedding, said if he could have a do-over he would have ditched the UK instantly.

Speaking to the Mirror shortly after his win, he said: “I’m worse than a prisoner.

“I’m living in a coffin. Even a coffin is more peaceful because people don’t knock on it every five minutes saying, ‘please help me’.

“All day people come to my restaurant, stop me in the street, run up to my car, phone me, wait outside my house and drive me completely crazy.”

Admitting it drove him crazy, Roger said he felt choked when “accountants, lawyers, and musicians beg me for money”.

Roger fled to France after waking up crying most mornings shouting: “God, I made a terrible mistake, please help me.”

He added: “If I had the choice between winning the lottery and still being a chef on £250-a-week, I’d choose to stay a chef. I was so much happier.

“It’s too late to change now. To change I must leave England.

“Only that will save my life. If I stay in this country I will die.”

The millionaire said his life was much more relaxed before he became known as the Lotto winner.

In 2003 he opened a Caribbean-style restaurant called Roger’s Seafood – which has since closed.

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