Love Island fans work out the ‘real reason’ Leah broke down in tears – and it’s not over Sammy

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LOVE Island fans have worked out the ‘real reason’ that Leah Taylor broke down in tears during last night’s episode.

Sunday’s instalment of the ITV2 dating show saw the boys pick who they wanted to recouple with at the day ceremony.

Love Island fans all said the same thing about Leah after she burst into tears

She got visibly upset after the ceremony

Sammy picked Jess at the recoupling instead of Leah

Over the past week Sammy Root has been in a couple with Jess Harding, but made it clear that he was interested in getting to know Leah.

During his speech, he said that they had a “little test” and decided to couple up with Jess – meaning that Mitchel Taylor swooped in and picked Leah.

However it was very clear that Leah was upset during the recoupling ceremony and later had a chat with Molly Marsh, 21, about it.

Leah said: “I just feel really bad that when the boys are speaking, Sammy’s just standing up and being like ‘yeah we’ve had a little test’… I was a bit like ‘sorry, but like he’s come and pulled me every single chat’. Of course I was flirting back but you was the one giving me the vibes.

“You haven’t for a second since then just pulled me and been like ‘oh by the way just so you know, I’m fully with Jess’.”

However some think that her tears weren’t because of what the Kent-based lad said.

One Love Island fan joked on Twitter: “Leah’s tears are 20% because of Sammy but 80% because she’s realised she has to share a bed with the Ted Bundy of the villa Mitchel.”

Another replied: “Leah realising she’s sharing a bed with Mitch.”

“Exactly cuz when Ty called her a test she was happy and twisting waist if she don’t sit down,” a third chimed in.

But it seems not all is well between lovebirds Sammy and Jess.

As last night’s sister show Aftersun drew to a close, host Maya teased the explosive scenes by showing a snippet of what is to come in Monday’s episode.

Sammy begins by calling out Jess for pulling Mitch for a chat again after he picked her in the recoupling.

He says: “I’m not playing games, if you want to play games then… why you pulling Mitch then telling me this morning?

“I tried to clear things up, no grudges, I apologise for anything I might have done to upset you and I said can we move on and you just turned your back on me?’.

Jess replies: “This is a big thing for me, is it going to be every girl that comes in you are going to want to get to know and flirt with her and I am just stuck there?”

But Sammy snaps back, saying: “I’m not going to go through it again, we either leave it all here, or it’s done.”

Days before Mitch made it clear to Jess that he wanted to get to know her on a romantic level.

  • Love Island continues tonight on ITV

Leah is now in a couple with Mitch