Jack Fincham’s ex accuses him of not seeing his 23-month-old daughter in eight months


LOVE Island star Fincham’s ex Casey Ranger has accused him of not making time to see his baby daughter in eight months.

The reality show winner opened up about how he was desperate to be involved more with little Blossom, 1, after his drug-driving charge was dropped this week.

Casey claimed Jack last saw his daughter in April
The reality star recently vowed to “be a better person” for Blossom

Jack, 30, was due to appear in court over charges for getting behind the wheel of his car while under the influence of cocaine and Valium on December 9.

However, when the charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service, the father-of-one vowed to make a drastic change to his lifestyle.

He promised to “be a better person” for the sake of his daughter, who he welcomed with NHS worker Casey in January 2020.

“I really want to be involved in Blossom’s life now,” he told the Anything Goes podcast. “She’s probably walking and talking. I’m missing out on all these things.”

But after months of trading insults on line, Casey has accused Jack of not seeing his baby daughter in eight months, despite his promise to “make a change”.

The protective mum took to her Instagram to claim that Jack had stopped contacting her and had not seen Blossom since April 14.

Vowing to get her “side of the story” out, she wrote to social media: “I am OK with people passing judgements. I am OK with people labelling me the ‘bitter mum’.

“I am OK with knowing that lies are being told about me and I am OK with being the topic of malicious gossip, My focus is on me, my daughter and our futures.”

Hinting at her recent public feud with ex Jack, Casey continued: “I have at times had to share some of the most private details about me and my life with complete strangers to then be judged and misunderstood.

“With regards to [Jack’s] relationship with Blossom, it’s true – he hasn’t seen her since April 14. On March 6 this year, after having zero contact with Jack for months on end, he reached out to me for the first time.

“Then on March 7, I invited Jack round so he could see Blossom for the first time in nine months. At that time we were very deep in family court proceedings.

“I suggested we work on our friendship aside from the court and for him to be a part of Blossom’s life. We then agreed that he would see Blossom on a weekly basis.

“We agreed that he would come round every Thursday and I made it clear that he was more than welcome to pop round at any time to see his daughter. 

“During this time, I believed we was on the right path to him building a bond/relationship with Blossom and us building a positive friendship.”


Casey claimed that despite her hopes, Jack failed to turn up to see Blossom as they had agreed outside of the court.

“During the very short space of time that he was in her life (this time around) he had already let her down a couple of times,” she went on.

“I let it go due to having a heart and this deep sense of hoping that things would work out for the better, for the sake of his and Blossom’s relationship. 

“But as mama who has her daughter’s best interests at heart, I acknowledged it with Jack, I noted it in my mind and carried on as normal.”

Casey claimed that Jack invited her and baby Blossom to his brother’s birthday party earlier this year, but then failed to mention the event again.

She suggested that when she reached out to ask if the party was going ahead, he denied to speak to her and cut off all ties without explanation.

“That was the last time I heard from him and that was the last time he saw my daughter on April 14, 2021, the day he come round with his mum and his sister,” Casey wrote.

“He stopped contacting me and most importantly he stopped turning up to see his daughter with zero explanation.

“I am in no way responsible for her not having a relationship with Blossom. These people really need to take accountability for their actions rather than trying to shift the blame onto me to suit their false realities.”

Casey concluded by reminding her followers that she had been “struggling with anxiety and depression” as well as drug use in the past.

“This is not something that I have never shared publicly and it’s not because I’m ashamed, it’s because it’s painful and it’s so far from the person who I am today,” she wrote.

“If I’m honest it makes me feel sad when I revisit those places because I am reminded of the lost soul that I used to be and for some reason, it really hurts. My daughter saved my life.”


In October, Jack and Casey were involved in a public feud that saw the mother-of-one lash at at the TV star’s “non existent” relationship with baby Blossom.

She accused Jack of “isolating” her as she was told to keep her pregnancy a secret in case it “ruined his career”, before then using the baby to “boost his profile”.

Casey claimed Jack didn’t give Blossom any Christmas presents and stopped visiting her – after deciding to have “no legal rights” over the child at birth.

Jack lashed out with a message to Instagram showing photos of gifts that he bought Blossom for the festive season, as well as messages sent from Casey.

One appeared to show her asking for child support payments, and the other suggested he was seeing her ofr a few hours every week.

The second message saw Casey appearing to deny Jack from picking Blossom up unless she was also there in the room with them.


Earlier this week, Jack insisted that he had moved past his drug problems and had gone clean – focusing on his work on a building site.

He also opened up about “loving it” and driving dumpers on site, but vowed it was a temporary gig.

“I’m getting up at five or six o’clock everyday and I’m on the building site, I’m driving the dumper and I loved it,” he said on the podcast, Anything Goes with James English.

“Not because I want to be a builder but because I want to keep my brain busy.”

Jack and Casey welcomed baby Blossom just months after his split from his Love Island beau Dani Dyer – who he won the competition alongside.

Casey took to Instagram to lash out at her ex

Casey wrote to her Instagram following about when Jack last saw Blossom

Jack’s drug-driving charges were dropped by the Crown Prosecution this month