Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods says he’s ‘jealous’ of her exes and ‘hates that anyone’s had her before me’


KATIE Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods has said he “hates” that other men has been with her before him.

The 31-year-old former Love Island star added that he was envious, insisting: “If you’re not jealous you don’t give a s**t.”

Katie Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods said being jealous means you care

The pair, who have been dating for a matter of months and recently had each other’s faces tattooed on their bodies, said they were “obsessed” with one another.

Katie told the Mirror: “We’re both so jealous of each other, and jealous into each other that it works because we’re both so obsessed with each other.”

He added: “I think if you care, and you genuinely like that person, everybody’s jealous, if you’re not jealous you don’t give a s**t, that’s my opinion.”

He added: “I hate the fact that anyone’s had Katie before me and she hates that anyone’s had me before her but it’s life, it’s just how it is, life is just not that way is it?”

Carl admitted: ‘I hate the fact that anyone’s had Katie before me’

Carl said he didn’t like that Katie, here with Kieran Hayler, had been with other people

Before Carl, Pricey was in a relationship with personal trainer Kris Boyson

Katie has explained how she believed that every man would cheat on her – and kept other men’s numbers to hand in case her heart was broken.

She says she and Carl have taken precautions with each other to make sure they trust each other, including having access to one another’s Instagram accounts.

The star has long praised the Essex lad, saying her latest man is the best-looking fella she has ever been out with.

In what has been regarded as a dig, she said her past fellas – who include singer Peter, Kris Boyson, Kieran Hayler, Alex Reid, Charles Drury and Leandro Penna – just don’t compare.

She also announced that she will be changing her name to Katie Woods – a first for the star.