Love Island Australia fans go wild as Tayla and Grant have sex in the same room as their exes hours after recoupling


BRITS are going wild over the “horny” Australians’ nightly romps after just seven days in the villa.

Love Island Australia kicked off last Monday and the randy stars have been getting busy in between the sheets ever since.

Grant and Tayla couldn’t keep their hands off each other

First to get their kits off were Cassidy and Grant who admitted “doing bits” on day two.

Blonde barmaid Cassidy said she was mortified about getting carried away and put the brakes on any further hanky panky.

A few days later, she got dumped for brunette Tayla who had sex with Grant within two hours of recoupling.

It even shocked their fellow Islanders who were forced listen to “sexual noises”, while Cassidy tried to sleep in the same room.

Cassidy and Grant got intimate
They enjoyed a romp on the second night

One viewer said: “These aussies seem to be horny as hell”

“Australians are horny b******s,” added another.

Someone else added: “They seriously doing bits already?! Oh..girls gonna get mugged off.”

Despite being excited about the on-screen action, many were furious at love rat Grant who shared a very passionate kiss with Tayla moments after dumping Cassidy.

Tayla wrapped her legs around Grant as they got frisky in the bathroom, before moving into the bedroom and having sex when the lights went out.

Eden looked like he was enjoying his night in the Hideaway
They shared a smooch on the bed before turning the lights out
Things started to get intimate

One viewer raged: “Having sex 2 hours after Recoupling is bang out of order. They could of at least 24 hours before doing bits. At least consider how Cassidy feels first before thinking about yourselves #LoveIslandAUS.”

“Grant and tayla deserve eachother fs,” said another.

“Two slimey snakes.”

On the fifth day, Eden and Erin had sex when they shared their first night in the Love Island Hideaway.

The pair joked they’d be staying up all night to get to know each other before throwing back the champagne and jumping into bed.

Smooth talker Eden read his poetry to Erin to convince her to spend a night in the Hideaway with him.

Grant was flirting with Tayla while with Cassidy
They got frisky in the Love Island challenge
And had sex just hours after recoupling

The topless hunk reeled off a few lines of rhyme to make the blonde beauty putty in his hands.

Talking about their evening alone in the villa, Eden said: “We’re just going to be talking all night.”

“We’re going to get to know each other so much more,” added Erin.

“It’s going to be so good, we’re going to have such a good sleep…” before winking to the camera.

They didn’t hide their new love

The couple spent time chatting their blossoming relationship over champagne before they the lights went off.

Viewers watched as Eden started to smirk while Erin disappeared under the covers.

The duvet moved up and down as the couple settled in for the night.