Love Island Drama: Ex Reunites with Villa Rival, Leaving Star Feeling ‘Disrespected’


Mitchel Taylor and Abi Moores Spark Reunion Rumors at Awards Show

A Love Island star is feeling "disrespected" after her ex-boyfriend was seen cosying up to her villa rival. Mitchel Taylor and Abi Moores attended HOAR's Who Cares Wins Awards together, seemingly confirming their reconciliation. This comes just three weeks after Mitch's split from fellow Love Island contestant Ella Barnes, leaving her feeling upset.

Ella Left Feeling 'Disrespected at the Highest Level'

Ella, who had split from Mitch amicably, is reportedly upset by the photos and videos circulating on social media showing Mitch and Abi together. A source close to Ella revealed that she had been respectful and private about their relationship since the breakup, making this public display of affection hurtful and disrespectful.

Video on Ella's Birthday Raises Eyebrows

Mitch and Abi posted a TikTok video from the awards show, lip-syncing to a promo for The Kardashians. In the video, Mitch can be heard saying, "Ok guys, we're back," while Abi adds, "Did you miss us? Cause we missed you." Fans noticed that the video was posted on Ella's birthday, adding an extra layer of tension to the situation.

A History of Drama and Clashes

Abi and Mitch were originally coupled up on Love Island, but he abruptly ended things when Ella B entered the villa. Abi then recoupled with Scott van der Sluis, causing Mitch to lash out, claiming their connection was fake. The tension between Ella and Abi continued after leaving the show, with a heated reunion where Abi insisted her bond with Mitch was stronger. Ella defended her relationship, accusing Abi of being jealous.

Abi's Shocking Claim

Adding another twist to the story, Abi later alleged that Mitch had been flirting with her at events while still in a relationship with Ella. This claim further fueled the drama between the Love Island contestants.

Stay tuned for more updates on this Love Island saga.