Love Island fans all say the same thing about Jess’s bikini – did you see it?


LOVE Island fans were left baffled by Jess Harding’s bikini top as she and her co-stars took on their latest challenge.

Jess, 22, was sporting a red two-piece as she and the islanders began popping balloons while demonstrating sex positions.

Love Island’s Jess Harding has left viewers confused

Fans wondered why the islander wore such a small bikini top on Wednesday

They then had to choose a contestant to kiss based on a question hidden inside the balloons.

But rather than the smooches, viewers couldn’t take their eyes off Jess’ eye-catching bikini.

And it was because the top was just so small.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Why hasn’t anyone given Jess a bikini top that actually fits…?”

Another added: “What is the point of Jess’s bikini top?!?”

A third said: “Jess’s bikini top genuinely looks painful to wear.”

And a fourth chimed in: “Jess’ bikini is fighting for its life.”

Jess was applauded when she entered the villa earlier this month due to her ‘real’ figure and natural curves.

But she has since shocked fans after it was revealed the aesthetics salon owner had given herself Botox before making her Love Island debut.

Despite only being 22, Jess injected her forehead because she was so terrified of having ‘wrinkles’ on the ITV2 show.

Jess, from West London, said before the Love Island launch: “The other day I did do my own Botox because no one was available.

“It was horrible but I had to do it, you can’t have wrinkles on telly.”

She admitted: “I do have a little bit of Botox and filler. I just got it because when it’s your job it’s quite easy to just say, ‘Go on then.’

“A lot of the practitioners work together. I’ve had so many of my practitioner friends come to me, like, ‘Babe, can you just put it in my face?

“To us it’s nothing, and people are spending hundreds and thousands. It’s easily influenced but I’m quite scared of needles, considering it’s my job.”

Jess said she has been getting lip filler since she was 18 and progressed to her cheeks, because “it just gives a structure to the face”.

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Jess is a fan of teeny bikinis

The islander gave herself Botox injections before entering the villa