Love Island fans shocked as Molly praises Shaunagh after she savages Callum in epic showdown


LOVE Island fans were left stunned tonight as Molly Smith seemingly showed her support for her partner’s ex, Shaughna Phillips.

Shaughna and Callum Jones, who were coupled up at the beginning of the series, had somewhat of a showdown as she branded him a “liar” following his antics in Casa Amor.

Viewers saw Shaughna finally have a showdown with Callum

During their heated conversation, 25-year-old Shaughna became visibly upset and decided to storm off rather than burst into tears in front of him.

Reuniting with some of the girls, she composed herself before strutting back over to the scaffolder.

As the rest of the villa watched on, Molly appeared in awe as she branded Shaughna a “boss ass b**ch”.

Fans of the ITV2 couldn’t believe their ears and took to Twitter to express their happiness at seeing one woman praising another.

Even Molly called Shaughna a “boss ass b**ch” as she strutted back over to Callum

Posting a stifled laugh meme, one fan wrote: “even molly was hyping shaughna up #LoveIsland,” while another posted: “Your new girl siding with the crazy ex. Wow, Callum is in big, big trouble. #LoveIsland.”

A third person feared for Callum’s future on the show and tweeted: “Your new girl siding with the crazy ex. Wow, Callum is in big, big trouble. #LoveIsland.”

even molly was hyping shaughna up #LoveIsland

— asians against kylo ren (@anakinscarter) February 9, 2020

Molly for Saying that Shaughna walking over to Callum like a bad as bitch #loveisland

— Carley Belmonte (@Belmonte_Carley) February 9, 2020

Can Molly and shaughna just couple up already and show Callum who's boss #LoveIsland

— Mara (@SmoothieM123) February 9, 2020

A fourth viewer even suggested that the two women join forces and become a pair.

“Can Molly and shaughna just couple up already and show Callum who’s boss,” they wrote.

However, Shaughna acted far from sassy as she sat back down with Callum and the pair even ended up hugging for a brief moment as they parted ways again.

However, just five minutes earlier she called him a liar and said she felt used.

But 23-year-old Callum defended himself and told her: “Nothing Ive said in the past three weeks has been a lie. Lets get that straight, because Ive not come in here to play a game.”

Molly, praising shaughna behind her back rather than bitching

girls supporting girls!!! about bloody time

also dont forget molly told callum to go talk to her after the recoupling #LoveIsland

— Ruthyxx (@pop_ruth) February 9, 2020

However, Shaughna replied curtly: “Molly said to me today that I know one Callum and she knows another.”

Callum then snapped back: “This is what youre taking out of context, the way I was with you. I thought Id give it time.

“Thats whats made my decision. The way I am with you and the way I was with Molly, thats clarified for me it wasnt working.”

Shaughna and Callum ended up hugging it out as they ended their chat

Shaughna replied sarcastically: “I’m really glad youve got clarity. You knew coming back, you knew for a fact that I wouldnt be standing down there with anyone else.”

Meanwhile, Shaughna and Molly had a civilised chat with each other earlier on which led Molly to admit that she has doubts about him too.