GTA bikini martini girl cosplayer warned to close her DMs after lusty gamers all have same reaction


GAMERS getting heated over a GTA bikini martini girl cosplayer have warned her to close her DMs to avoid online harassment.

Daria Gertsen is a Russian cosplayer who dresses up as characters from popular TV shows and video games.

Daria Gertsen recreates GTA’s iconic ‘bikini martini girl’

She posts her creations on Instagram and Reddit, and has built up a small following already.

Gertsen has recreated the character (who doesn’t appear in-game) pretty faithfully.

Helpful critique in the comments suggest that the hair needs to have a more voluminous 80s vibe, and that the bikini isn’t quite identical.

But her scantily clad recreation of GTA’s ‘bikini martini’ girl cosplay has Redditors warning Gertsen to close her DMs

“DMS ON LOCKDOWN. STANDBY FOR IDIOTS,” joked one person in the comments.

“PLEASE CLOSE YOUR DMS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD,” warned another, adding “great cosplay though!”

“Looks great, I know a lot of other people here already said it but RIP to your DMs lol,” chimed in someone else.

“Can you give us an update on what your inbox looks like in 24 hours?” asked an inquisitive redditor.

While it may seem like overkill, one anecdote highlights exactly why everyone has given Gertsen the same warning.

“So I met this girl on reddit a few years back and we hung out last week, she asked me if I also get multiple messages per week out of no where on reddit,” recounts u/project_nl.

“I was like ‘hell no, I get like one or two random people messaging me per year on average’.

“She doesnt even have pics of herself, its just that you can probably guess that she is a woman.

“I wonder why guys are doing this.”

Online harassment of women has become fairly commonplace in spaces where maladjusted men think they have no place.

Gertsen has taken the advice and closed her DMs, and hasn’t taken the suggestions about ‘improvements’ personally.

You can check out her cosplay creations on her Instagram account.

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