Love Island feud boils over as Molly tells rival to ‘just shut up’ after awkwardly challenging new bombshell over Zach

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THE Love Island feud between Molly Marsh and Jess Harding is about to boil over in tonight’s episode.

Jess, 22, has made it clear that she’s not been impressed with Molly’s actions in the villa over the past few days, calling her a “f***ing theatre actress”.

Love Island’s Molly tells Jess to ‘shut up’

Jess and Molly haven’t seen eye to eye in recent days

Tonight things are about to get a whole lot worse between Molly, 21, and Jess.

In a spoiler for this evening’s instalment, Molly fights for Zachariah Noble’s attention after he was picked by bombshell Charlotte Sumner during the recoupling ceremony.

Charlotte and Zach are busy working out together when Molly walks over and tells the pair that she’s going to go to the toilet and will then join them.

As she waits for the bathroom to be free, she watches Charlotte do squats in front of Zach.

From over the garden Jess can be heard saying: “Look, look, look!”

Jess says: “She knows we’re talking about her. I don’t give a f***. Give a f***.”

Molly tells Zach: “I can literally hear every conversation. Just shut up.”

Things haven’t been great between Molly and Jess over the last few days.

Molly, who was romantically linked to Mitchel Taylor, 26, has had a lot of attention from a number of the boys since the ITV2 show started.

Mitchel, the first bombshell Zachariah Noble, 25, and Sammy Root, 22, all made it clear that they wanted to get to know the theatre performer.

During Sunday night’s episode, Jess – who is in a couple with Sammy – gave Mitch her opinion on how Molly had been acting around Zach.

Jess said: “I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her. Mitch, you deserve better than that, she’s mugging you off in broad daylight.”

Speaking about their smooch in the challenge, she added: “She was secretly buzzing at that kiss, I know she was. I really wanna say something…”

The beautician later confronted her about it, leaving fans shocked by the show’s most explosive row yet.

Earlier this week fans slammed the show as a ‘fix’ after pointing out that Molly has had a lot of screen time over the past seven days.

Mitchel, who she was and still is currently coupled up with, said that he is fine with her getting to know the other boys, while 22-year-old Catherine Agbaje‘s man Zachariah made it known that he was interested in Molly by kissing her in a recent challenge.

Sammy also wanted to get to know her, but now seems happy with Jess.

Meanwhile Love Island found itself in a new bullying row after fans accused Islanders of picking on Molly.

After Sunday evening’s episode, Molly’s fans took to social media to complain that the 21-year-old is being targeted by her co-stars.

  • Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2