Love Island lads ridiculed by viewers after fleeing in terror from a CAT


LOVE Island fans have branded the boys as “planks” after they scattered in terror at the sight of a cat in Casa Amor.

Finn Tapp looked like he’d spoiled his stripy trunks as he fled yelping: “Don’t touch it, I heard these down here are bad.”

Finn Tapp led the stampede when a cat strolled into Casa Amor
The furry menace stared out at the boys from behind an orange cushion

Luke Mabbott added: “They’re vicious. Cats are unpredictable. Look at its eyes mate – cats don’t like me.”

Luke Trotman seemed less terrified, insisting: “It’s cute.”

“Yeah,” replied the Justin Bieber lookalike darkly. “Cute until he rips your face off.”

Meanwhile Mike Boateng was spotted cowering in a corner, with one fan tweeting: “Just watched a police officer run away from a cat on national television.”

The car, seen far left, snuck up on the lads during a conversation
Former police officer Mike Boateng was among those running for his life
Finn and Luke weren’t taking any chances with the cat

Another wrote: “Honestly these lads scared of a cute cat. Id hate to see them on a night out when approached by a gang. just pet the cat ffs.”

A third said: “Six giant men cowering in fear from one tiny cat is the kind of TV I REQUIRE.”

Another said: “Why have all the lads just s**t themselves at a cat

A fifth said: “Dear God the ‘boys’ are utterly pathetic. Personally I would be worried for the cat interacting with utter planks like that.”

Nonetheless, the boys didn’t flee the villa entirely, sticking around long enough to name the cat after ex-Islander Wallace Wilson.

However, that prompted some to joke that the seconds of screen time on Unseen Bits the cat was gifted totalled more than its namesake ever managed.

One fan joked: “Even a cat got more airtime than Wallace.”

Another wrote: “I love how Wallace the cat got more screen time than Wallace the islander.”