Love Island producers took me aside and slated my pulling technique – it helped me bag the show’s sexiest star

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LOVE Island’s Alex Miller has revealed how he managed to steal Megan Barton Hanson from Wes Nelson.

The 33-year-old shot to fame on the ITV2 dating show in 2018.

Love Island’s Alex Miller confessed the producers critiqued his pulling technique

Alex stole Megan off Wes in Casa Amor

Alex entered the villa as a bombshell during Casa Amor and caught the eye of Megan, 29.

However at one point the show bosses didn’t think he’d be able to.

He explained how a producer took him aside and told him his “A game” wasn’t working.

Alex told New magazine: “After a producer told me that my A game wasn’t good enough, I told Megan plain and simple that I was keen.

“Luckily it worked and she dumped Wes for me.

“Seeing Wes for the first time was a tad awkward and he wasn’t best pleased.

“I respect him, but at the time I thought ‘dry your eyes mate’ as he’d only been with Megan for a few days. It wasn’t that deep.

“But following Casa Amor, the villa was a nightmare.

“The atmosphere changed when the OG boys came back and I felt like an intruder. It also got awkward when Wes was able to pull Megan for a chat.

“In the end Wes got his revenge and picked Megan in the next recoupling.

“I still wonder who she’d got to choose for herself.”

Alex was dumped from the island days and Megan and Wes went from strength to strength.

The pair ended up placing fourth on the show and lasted a year on the outside world.

Megan later revealed she split with Wes after he put money and his career above their relationship.

Despite previously saying they split due to being at different stages in their life, Megan now said it was down to Wes’ focus on making money.

Speaking on the Independent’s Millennial Love podcast, the star said: “I don’t have a bad word to say about him but that relationship broke down ultimately because of our priorities.

“So he was very career-driven, taking every job under the sun and rightly so.

“But because I’d already experienced having money fairly easy with the stripping, I was more dedicated and focused on the relationship, so it’s super hard to get that balance just right and work together.”

She told Grazia at the time: “It all ended very amicably.

“I really love Wes as a person, but we realised we are in very different stages of our lives and our priorities are different.

“I’m 24 and by the time I’m 30 I want to be engaged. Wes is only 20. He’s living his best life.”

Megan and Wes dated for a year after Love Island

Megan is one of the sexiest islanders of all time