Love Island Star Olivia Bowen Reveals Enormous New Mansion as She Sells Previous Dream Home


Interior Design Enthusiast

Former Love Island contestant Olivia Bowen has shown off her stunning new mansion after selling her previous Essex home. The reality star, who has developed a passion for interior design, has been sharing updates on her house renovations through her dedicated Instagram account.

Leaving the Dream Home

Olivia's decision to move to a new house surprised many of her followers, who were familiar with her previous luxurious home in Essex. She shared a photo of the new property on social media, hinting at an exciting new adventure.

Not a Forever Home

Responding to a follower's question about leaving their former "forever home," Olivia revealed that she doesn't believe in the concept. She explained that they like to change things up and that the four years they spent in the previous house was the longest she had ever lived in a home she owned.

Excitement and Curiosity

Fans expressed both excitement and curiosity about Olivia and Alex's new venture. Some were eager to follow along on their journey, while others couldn't contain their curiosity and wanted to know every detail about the decision to move.

Love Island Love Story

Olivia and Alex Bowen, who met on Love Island in 2016, have had a successful relationship since the show. They got married in 2018 and recently welcomed a baby boy into their family. In addition to their personal endeavors, the couple has also started a clothing company and pursued interests in interior design and property renovation.