Love Island Star Sparks Feud with Scott as He Cuddles Up to Catherine on Holiday


Caught in a Compromising Position

Love Island star Casey Gorman has potentially ignited a heated feud with Scott van-der-Sluis after he was spotted cozying up to Catherine Agbaje. The 26-year-old recruitment consultant was captured on camera at a party in Majorca with his arm wrapped around Catherine's waist. In the photo, Catherine is seen donning a tiny red bikini top and a sheer black skirt while Casey's hand rests on her bare skin.

A Mischievous Act of Jealousy

The pair were attending the event alongside 2018 Love Island contestant Samira Mighty, but it was clear that Casey had someone in particular in mind to spark feelings of jealousy. In a second photo, Casey can be seen gazing downward at Catherine's breasts as he playfully tagged Scott in the accompanying Instagram post, teasing users to "Swipe if you love @scottvds17."

Fans Sound Off

While Scott has chosen to remain silent on the matter, fans of the reality TV show star expressed their opinions on the social media platform. One fan shared multiple "crying with laughter" emojis and urged Casey to "Stop messing with Scott!" Another user added, "Get your hands off Catherine right now!" A third fan warned Casey that Scott might block him for his actions.

A Love Triangle

Scott, a professional footballer, and estate agent Catherine seemed to hit it off when they first met on this year's Love Island. However, their connection was disrupted when Catherine introduced Elom Ahlijah-Wilson into the picture after Casa Amor. Scott made an effort to form a relationship with Abi Moores, but their romance never took off. Both Catherine and Scott are now single, leaving fans hopeful for a reunion.

A Glimpse of Hope

In a surprising turn of events, a live-streamed FaceTime call between Catherine and Scott emerged this week, fueling speculation of a potential reunion. Scott was recently asked if he would like to rekindle their romance, to which he responded, "Never say never." He went on to explain that they still deeply care for each other and are great friends.