Love Island villa in uproar as CHEATS are exposed in brutal new twist tomorrow


A STRING of Love Island boys find themselves on the back foot tomorrow night after being forced into an embarrassing confession.

A drinking game requires anyone who cheated to take a sip – and the people that do don’t get off lightly.

Mitchel is among the cast acting shocked at the cheating revelations

Zachariah admits he’s played away twice during a drinking game

Molly Marsh is seen looking mightily unimpressed in a preview clip

Among those drinking is Zachariah Noble, who is quickly forced to defend himself.

The Love Island lad admits: “It’s definitely been a couple of times. I feel like I was very young at the time.”

He gets very little back-up from his co-stars as Mitchel Taylor stirs the pot, by gasping: “Zach. Not the man I thought you were.”

Scottish model Ella Thomas adds: “If someone can justify cheating, who is to say they won’t cheat again?”

Meanwhile, Molly Marsh – who Zach has shared a romance with – was seen looking on silently and stony-faced.

Some fans were astonished that anyone would be willing to confess to cheating in a simple game.

One viewer tweeted: “So weird how a lot of boys admit to cheating bc they don’t view it as shameful.”

Another wrote: “Mollie finally gonna realise zach is not the kinda guy she can bring home and make cringe tiktoks with tomorrow.”

One other agreed: “I could’ve bet my life on zach being a cheat, why is he so proud to admit he’s cheated a few times like it’s some sort of flex.”

But a fourth insisted: “IDK why the cheating thing shocked Molly, isn’t that one of the questions you ask when u get to know someone.”

The subject of cheating on Love Island is a sensitive one because much of the game revolves around it.

The Casa Amor stage sees the boys and girls separated and put in the way of temptation with a set of new arrivals.

Those Islanders whose partners have decided to move on with new partners are likely to find themselves single and thus sent home.

However, Zach isn’t the only person seen drinking after the question was posed, with the full story playing out on the show tomorrow night.

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm

There is widespread surprise in a sneek-peek at Thursday’s episode