Brewery creates world’s first batch of powdered beer – would you try it?

A purely speculative, AI-generated image of a potential beer powder packetGenerated by Midjourney

A BREWERY has created powdered beer — but it is alcohol-free.

Drinkers just need to add water and give it a few stirs for a frothy pint.

The new powdered beer would be sold in packets and remove the need for crates or bottles

The drink was developed by a German company as a more eco-friendly ale, as it removes the need for crates and bottles in favour of lighter powder packets.

The formula is said to be made using conventional technology, then “processed and prepared into a water-soluble beer powder/granulate”.

The firm is working on a boozed-up version.

Stefan Fritsche, general manager of the Neuzelle Cloister Brewery, believes the invention, which should be brought to market by the end of the year, could reduce transport weight by 90 per cent, and lower CO2 emissions.

He said: “We know classic pilsner drinkers and all craft beer enthusiasts will be sceptical.

“But it’s about disrupting the beer business model.”

A spokesman insisted the powder “looks like beer, tastes like beer and is beer with a real head of foam”.

They added: “In the next step, alcohol should also be in the powder.”

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