Love Islands Amy Hart is freezing her eggs after being told shell go through early menopause like her mum


AMY Hart is freezing her eggs in March after being told she is at risk of early menopause like her mum.

The 27-year-old Love Island star – who appeared on last year’s edition of the ITV2 dating show – revealed on today’s Loose Women how a “fertility MOT” had indicated her fertility window was low, leading her to make the decision.

Amy will be freezing her eggs in March after discovering she is at risk of early menopause

She said: “The fertility MOT in itself that it was a blood test and then a scan so when they asked me to take my pants off I was like sorry? at least take me out first. It was an internal scan but it wasnt as bad as I thought.

“I had the perfect number of eggs – 15 on one side and eight on the other and you only need one.

“Its the prognosis for how long youll be fertile for, its just an indicator and mine was low.”

Amy’s mum and grandmother both went through the menopause in their early forties and had their children at 25.

Amy insisted she won’t rely on a man to have a family

She added: “Im 27, Ive always had regular periods so when he said that I was like wow.

“For me it started because I was very unlucky in dating and my mum said if you get to 35 and havent found anyone then we would financially and emotionally support you to have a baby on your own.”

Amy has booked in the procedure for March and will undergo ten days of injections to encourage ovary production before being put under for the removal.

She said: “Im doing it in March. Its ten days of injections to make your ovaries to work overtime, and then you have to go under general anaesthetic.”

And she confirmed she would still undergo the procedure even if she met a new man, saying: “Id still do it because Im not going to live my life based on some man.”

Amy added: “Im going to do it at anyway and my eggs now are in better condition now than they will be then. Id love to meet someone and have kids naturally but if that doesnt work then I have an insurance policy.”