Love Island’s Jordan Hames shocks fans with his ‘bulge’ as he stars alongside Michael Griffiths in funny video


LOVE Island’s Jordan Hames has shocked fans with his ‘bulge’ in a funny video alongside fellow islander Michael Griffiths.

The housemates have been keeping themselves entertained during lockdown by filming hilarious footage for their social media accounts – and in their most recent one eagle-eyed followers couldn’t help but comment on the reality star’s manhood bulging out of his tiny shorts.

Love Island’s Jordan Hames shocks fans with his ‘bulge’ as he stars alongside Michael Griffiths in funny video

Michael and Jordan, 24, decided to reenact a scene of when they were younger and their mum used to tell them off in front of their friends.

Michael, 28, took to Instagram to share the video and captioned the post: “Getting told off in front of your mates hits different @jxrdanhames”

In the new video, the pair are seen innocently playing videos games on the sofa before a voice shouts for Jordan to come into another room and as he gets up Jordan gives fans a little more than they asked for in his tight grey shorts.

Their followers were quick to comment on his huge bulge as one joked: “Why’s Jordan’s bulge just poked me eye out ”

Jordan surprised his fans as he got up off the sofa
As Jordan got up from the sofa he gave his fans a glimpse of his manhood

Another wrote: “Shorter shorts!!!! Mmm yrsplz hehe”

A third said: “Could @jxrdanhames shorts be any shorter?!”

Although Jordan’s private parts seemed to be the star of the show, the video did exactly what it was supposed to do as it

brightened up their followers day.

Michael’s ex Joanna Chimonides, 24, said: “Omg,” followed by a series of laughing face emojis.

Fans were more than impressed with his package under his shorts as he walked off into another room

Love Island series two star Scott Thomas, 31, commented: “Ffs,” with a giggling emoji. 

But others questioned why their housemate Chris Taylor, 28, wasn’t present in the clip and Joe Garrat, 22, joked: “Is that Chris’ voice,” with some laughing emojis.

It seems that this isn’t the first bulge-related mishap that Jordan has had to deal with during the trio’s filming sessions.

Earlier this month Chris captured the exact moment that Jordan realised he grabbed his manhood in one of their videos.

Chris recently caught the very moment that Jordan touched his own bulge in a TikTok video
Jordan managed to grab hold of Chris’ bulge during their dance
Jordan laughed as he said: “I touched your d***”

The two friends, along with Michael, performed a dance routine but it was the final moment of the clip that left fans in hysterics.

Chris and his extraordinary quiff of hair can be seen bounding down the stairs as Jordan and Michael sit on the sofa, before he begs them to take part in a dance routine.

The tattooed hunk tells the pair: “I need this. The world needs this.”

After convincing them to take part, the trio begin an impressive boogie to The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights.

The trio moved in together after meeting on Love Island last year and have been keeping busy during lockdown with videos

As they move into the final position, Chris jumps into the arms of Michael and Jordan. But while Michael is holding Chris’s torso and arms, Jordan is left with the lower half of his pal’s body.

Zooming in on Jordan’s face, Chris shared the exact moment his friend realised he was holding onto as his face twisted in a cringe.

Dropping him to the floor, Jordan can be heard saying: “I touched his d*ck.”

Chris asks him what happened, and he says again: “ I touched ya d*ck.”

Chris and Michael then dissolve into fits of giggles while Jordan shakes his head.

Posting the video to his Instagram account, Chris wrote next to it: “TRUST ME…watch this to the end! This video is why me & @jxrdanhames haven’t spoke in 6 days.”

The 29-year-old went on: “We actually got about 6 clean takes of this (mostly cos @mac_griffiths_ kept screaming “one more take”, like an sassy film director [sic]) but decided to post the one where Jordan sexually harrasses me. Why? Funny.”

He joked further: “ Next time @jxrdanhames , at least take it on a date first”