Love Island’s Lucinda Strafford Finds Love on Australian Version of the Show


Lucinda Strafford Spotted Kissing New Zealander Zac Nunns in London

Love Island's Lucinda Strafford, who failed to find love on the UK edition of the show, appears to have struck up a romance on the Australian version. The 24-year-old was seen kissing Zac Nunns, 25, outside Sheesh Restaurant in London today.

A Successful Journey Down Under

Lucinda, a Brighton-native, headed Down Under two months ago to participate in the Australian edition of Love Island in hopes of finding her Mr. Right. It seems that her journey has been a success, as Zac flew over to the UK just to spend more time with her.

A friend of the couple told MailOnline, "When Lucinda signed up for Australian Love Island, she didn't think she would leave the show with somebody like Zac. He ticks all the right boxes and she's besotted. Obviously, there is a huge distance between the pair, but Zac is keen to make things work and moving to the UK has been discussed. It's definitely a 'watch this space' situation."

Love Island Australia Coming to ITV2 and ITVX

Although Love Island Australia is not currently being aired in the UK, fans won't have to wait long to catch the show. It will soon make its way onto ITV2 and ITVX, giving viewers the opportunity to watch Lucinda's romantic journey.

Drama and Controversy Surrounding Lucinda

Lucinda caused quite a stir during her time on the UK edition of Love Island. She arrived as a bombshell alongside Millie Court and formed the "naughty trio" with Millie and Chloe Burrows. However, outside of the villa, there were claims that Lucinda had a secret boyfriend all along, who was taking care of her dog while she was on the show.

Lucinda, a Love Island Legend

Lucinda's participation in Love Island Australia is highly anticipated. A source revealed, "Lucinda is a bona fide Love Island legend, so everyone's really excited for even more viewers to enjoy her special brand of ditzy banter. She was a real hit with the lads in the Majorca villa, so no doubt Lucinda will have the Aussie lads' heads spinning too. Her presence is likely to ruffle feathers, as she knows how to play the game. Lucinda is thrilled to start grafting."