Love Island’s Mitch leaves islanders open-mouthed in shock as he ditches Abi for another girl


LOVE Island fans are in for a big shock tonight as Mitch turns his attention away from Abi and sets his sights on a new girl.

Fresh from the drama of the latest recoupling, Mitch admits his head has been turned by new bombshell Ella Barnes.

Mitch makes a shock confession in Monday night’s Love Island

He tells Ouzy and Kady he has his sights set on a girl – who isn’t Abi

And despite insisting to Abi that his heart lies with her, he tells his Love Island co-stars that he wants to jump into bed with the championship dancer.

In Monday night’s episode, Mitch will be seen telling Ella: “I owe it to myself and I owe it to you to be honest and say, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on right now.

“As much as I like you, I do like Abi and I don’t want to start moving mad – I just want to be natural.”

The following day, Abi speaks to Ella B in the girls’ dressing room.

She warns: “I will tell you babe, you do need to speak to Mitch today. You need to speak to him. It’s not great.”

Later, the girls will meet again for a chat by the fire pit to swap stories about what Mitch has told them.

Mitch spots the girls having their conversation as he sits with Ouzy and Kady.

Kady asks: “What do you think they’re chatting about?”

Mitch replies: “Me.”

Kady then goes on to ask the million dollar question: “Who do you want to get in bed with tonight, if you could pick?” she asks.

In a move that leaves his fellow islanders open-mouthed, Mitch says: “Ella.”

Ella entered the villa in last Friday’s episode of Love Island as a bombshell.

In a sly move, she then stole Mitch away from Abi by picking him to couple up with.

Abi took the news very badly and told him she doesn’t want to watch him getting to know Ella B.

Before his dramatic U-turn, Mitch appears to grant Abi’s wish early on in Monday night’s instalment.

Speaking to Abi at the fire pit, he will be seen saying: “My feelings haven’t gone. I was going to pick you.”

Abi says: “Actions have consequences.”

But Mitch continues: “Right now, no-one compares to you. As much as I’ve tried, all I’ve thought when I’m cuddling her at night when I’m laid thinking ‘this is forced’.

“I see a future outside with you, not her. Abi, we’ve got something good. I haven’t got the urge to kiss Ella.”

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Mitch admits he wants to get into bed alongside Ella

His confession comes after he tells Abi ‘no one compares’ to her