Love Island’s Olivia Bowen opens up about struggles of being a mum with ‘catastrophic thoughts’

Olivia and Alex Bowen, who are parents to AbEL, ,

LOVE Island series two star Olivia Bowen has admitted she has been suffering from “catastrophic thoughts” since giving birth.

The 29-year-old says the feelings she has as a new mum are “unbearable”.

Olivia and Alex Bowen with their son Abel

The Love Island star admitted she has ‘unbearable’ aches as a mum

She’s always open and honest with her followers

Olivia and her Love Island co-star boyfriend Alex welcomed a baby boy called Abel ‘AJ’ Jacob in June last year.

Opening up about her secret struggles, Olivia wrote on Instagram: “Being a mum is overwhelming emotionally in general, but I’ve really been struggling recently with really catastrophic thoughts.

“I see so many horrible scary devastating things happen to people or in the world and it just scares the s*** out of me, so much so I just feel sick constantly.

“Children are so bloody precious and innocent and it just frightens me.

“Just sharing because I don’t want to feel alone and I know we must all worry.

“I want to protect him from everything.”

She added: “It really does make you ache how much you love them.

“It’s almost unbearable at times.”

Last month, Olivia slammed trolls as “disgusting” for mum-shaming her for posing in sexy lingerie after giving birth.

The new mum insisted they are “narrow-minded” and “jealous”.

Many fans have praised Olivia, 29, for sharing body positive posts and for proudly showing off her “real” post-baby body.

Speaking exclusively to HOAR, reality star Olivia said: “I get these awful comments that say that now that I am a mum that I can’t pose in lingerie – but it seems very narrow-minded for people to say that sort of thing. 

“I just think you can be a mum, but you can also be you as well. I went to a hen do in St Tropez and it was amazing.

“I felt so disconnected from the ‘mum’ Olivia. But as women, we need to have both and I don’t understand why people feel the need to shun a woman wanting to be herself and wanting to be a mum at the same time.

“It’s completely fine. You know, how do you think a baby was made?

“Women are sexual creatures, just get over it. It is what it is. I do think it’s really funny because you literally have to have sex to have a baby and so there is nothing wrong with posing in sexy lingerie for a campaign.”

Olivia admitted that she’s become more resilient since becoming a mum – saying the abuse she experiences won’t stop her.

“I think it’s just boredom. Most of the bad comments online come from boredom or jealousy but having a baby has made me really not care what people say,” she explained.