Love Islands Sophie breaks down in tears as Shaughna tells her shed rather keep Demi in the villa


LOVE Island’s Sophie Piper breaks down in tears in tomorrow night’s episode after a tense chat with Shaughna Phillips.

Straight-talking Shaughna made it clear tonight she wasn’t impressed with Sophie’s desire to remain in the villa after her man Connor Durman was sent packing.

Love Island’s Sophie Piper breaks down in tears in tomorrow night’s episode

Shaughna is unhappy Sophie didnt follow Connor out of the villa

And it looks like she calls Sophie out on it tomorrow, telling her she’d have been annoyed had new girl Demi Jones got the boot over Sophie.

She says: “I’d have felt terrible seeing Demi go compared to you, because that would have been unfair.”

The comment stops Sophie in her tracks and leaves her upset as she views Shaughna as one of her best friends in the villa.

Elsewhere Leanne and Mike clash for the final time as the dumped islander accuses her ex of getting rid of her.

Leanne slammed Mike as a “game player” as she left the villa tonight.

The Islander – who described herself as the Beyonce of Waltham Forest – dumped the Manchester cop earlier this week after he gave her the “ick”.

The chat takes Sophie by surprise

Leanne was dumped from the villa tonight after her ex Mike chose not to couple up with her

Tonight he chose to recouple with Sophie Piper leaving Leanne out in the cold.

And now his ex said that there’s “no way” hell get together with Sophie.

“I feel hes justified in what he did by picking Sophie,” she said of her exit.

“Thats a big thing to do its a bold move to make. But I feel like hes disregarded the two weeks we spent together and I feel like sending me home was a bit of a kick in the teeth, but it might also be my karma for dumping him”

The remaining single girl was dumped and tonight it was Leanne’s turn to leave the villa

Mike was shocked when Leanne dumped him

She said he gave her the ‘ick’

She continued: “Beforehand, we had a good connection as friends, I would have thought he would have had that loyalty with me more.

“But he can crack on and Im happy for him, I want him to be happy.”

Leanne said she was “100% expecting” Mike to couple up with Sophie – but thinks he has no chance with her romantically.

“Oh, be serious Theres absolutely no way!” she said. “I think theyre just good friends and theyre in a friendship couple.”

Mike cracked on with Sophie
Sophie doesn’t seem keen and Leanne doesn’t think they’ll be romantic

And she has an inkling her ex is playing a game in the villa.

“Maybe Mike now itll be easier for him to crack on and do his thing without me there,” she predicts.

But she said she would love to go back in and stir up some trouble if she could.

“Ive still got things to say in there,” she said.

“I would 100 per cent go back in.”