New Love Island feud erupts TONIGHT as Whitney brands islander ‘most selfish person she’s ever met’ in bitter row


TENSIONS look set to boil over in the Love Island villa as it is rocked by its biggest feud yet with two Islanders going head-to-head.

In tonight’s episode, Whitney Adebayo brands her former bestie Ella Thomas as the “most selfish person” she’s ever met.

Whitney told Ella she was ‘the most selfish person ever’ in a heated exchange

Ella did not take the comment well and snapped back at her pal telling she shouldn’t speak to her like that

The two women had been fast friends up until this point so viewers are sure to be left wondering exactly what happened.

In a spoiler for Thursday evening’s show, Whitney appears to refuse to hold back and blazes at her former pal Ella.

She tells the Scottish model, who is coupled with Tyrique: “I have never met a selfish person like you.”

Blanching at her words, Ella replies: “That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.”

However, Whitney scolds her, saying: “You know I only tell the truth.”

Stunned by her remark, Ella tells her: “You actually think you’re family the way you speak to me and it’s not okay.”

The row appears to have stemmed from earlier in the day when Ella tried to use the shower when she knew Whitney had been waiting.

Later in the evening, Ella tries to patch things up with Whitney by pulling her for a chat. 

She tells her: “I want to get this off my chest because I don’t want to give it energy, but it actually upset me when you called me selfish in the dressing room.

“It really upset me because I wouldn’t speak to my friend like that. I feel like that was coming for my character.”

Clearly unfazed, Whitney doubled down on her comment, replying: “I wasn’t joking Ella. Sometimes you do have selfish tendencies.”

In tonight’s episode, the Islanders have to take part in a challenge called ‘Couple Goals’ where they have to vote for each other to be awarded a number of titles.

Amongst the favourable ones, they also have to decide on who they believe has the least sexual chemistry, is the most unlikely pairing and acts smug.

Ouch! Will the former best friends make it up?

The two women later chatted but it didn’t end with an apology