Piers Morgan savages Love Island star Jack Finchams presenting stint on Good Morning Britain


PIERS Morgan savagely took aim at Love Island star Jack Fincham’s stint on GMB yesterday when he filled in for an ill Andi Peters.

The show anchor gave Andi a rare compliment as he made his return to the studio today after suffering from shingles.

Piers Morgan savagely took aim at Love Island star Jack Fincham’s stint on GMB yesterday

But he was less kind with his assessment of Jack’s work.

After welcoming Andi back, he said: “Words I thought I’d never use until I saw the bloke from Love Island trying to do your job yesterday.

“I actually missed you.”

Susanna clarified he was referring to Jack Fincham, before Piers continued: “We got down to asking him what day it was and even then he struggled.”

Jack has dipped his toes into presenting work since he was on Love Island

Andi made no comment on his replacement, but relished Piers’ compliment.

He said: “Let’s take it back, Piers missed me. You heard it here first.”

Piers himself sparked a Good Morning Britain backlash yesterday after appearing to mock a Chinese accent.

Andi Peters returned to the show today after suffering from shingles

The presenter was ranting about Princess Anne’s son Peter Phillips doing an advert for a Chinese dairy farm in the country when he said the name of the farm was “ching chong ching”.

He said: “I like Peter Phillips, I met him at a lunch last year, but that is not a good look for the Royals. Flogging Chinese State owned milk – its a state owned dairy farm.

“The big question for Meghan and Harry in their brave new world where they think its going to be ethical and lovely but people are going to be chucking millions at them like Peter Phillips because hes Royal.

“Hes a nice guy, hes not a HRH – the problem is other people. All these actors go to China to do these terrible ads thinking wed never see them and Peter thinks the same.

“Oh Peter for Gods sake man. This is the problem – people want association with the Royals, they want to exploit them. He should be flogging milk made here.

“What’s the name of it? Ching chong ching?”

An exasperated Susanna Reid told him: “Taking the Mickey out of foreign languages is rather 1970s.”

It sparked a rapid backlash with viewers taking to Twitter to hit out at what they called Piers’ “mocking” of the language.