The clues Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins were doomed as body language expert calls them ‘Love Island’s odd couple’


MAURA Higgins and Curtis Pritchard were clearly on the rocks for a long time, a top body language expert has revealed.

Judi James studied the couple throughout their seven-month relationship, which ended with Maura announcing their split on Instagram last night.

Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins split after seven months
She was seen looking unhappy as she went out in Essex today

The expert told The Sun Online she is more surprised that they ever became a couple in the first place than anything else.

Calling the pair “one of the oddest couples Love Island has ever created”, she branded them a “finishing line” pair who hooked up in a bid to bag the prize money.

Judi said they weren’t alike, explaining: “Curtis was always Mr ‘Guy Next Door’, full of non-sensual charm, while Maura was the woman who introduced the term ‘Fanny Flutters’ to an unsuspecting public.”

Here, Judi runs down their relationship in every stage in a fascinating glimpse at the signals they were giving off…

‘Love’ blossoms in the villa

Maura toned down her sexy and fun persona to match Curtis’ ‘gentlemanly’ vibe
Curtis and Maura got on the same page with their body language to the end of the series

“The couple produced some nearly-congruent body language rituals in the villa but only because Maura toned down the sexy displays and opted for ‘demure’ instead.

“This created a visual fit with Curtis’s gentlemanly image but it always made Maura look as though she was visiting her in-laws for the first time and suppressing her more fun self.

“Here they were tactile and romantic-looking, with Curtis’s arms encircling Maura’s waist in a signal of possession while she adopted a dreamy smile.”

Smiling for the cameras back home

Maura and Curtis on their return to the UK after finding love in the Love Island villa

“Arriving back from the villa Maura and Curtis presented their best body language in terms of looking like a celebrity power couple in the making.

“In matching baseball caps and casuals, their hand clasp is raised to make a feature of their closeness.

“Their beaming smiles and mirrored body language suggested a like-minded love of all the camera attention.”

Cosied up on Instagram

Curtis and Maura seemed loved up enough on Instagram

“Head closeness usually suggests trust and intimacy – but it’s Maura predominantly working this pose.

“She is cosying up to Curtis’s face while he suggests individual ambition by keeping his eye attention on the camera rather than her.”

Cracks start to show at Teen Awards

The cracks in the relationship started to show at the Teen Choice Awards

“It began to be clear here that the couple were ‘selling’ two different products.

“There is some pelvic closeness as they pose, suggesting a desire to show physical links, but Maura’s sultry posing is a world away from Curtis’s clean-cut, ballroom-style grins.

“Her one hand on the hip is pointing out her individuality as well as hinting at a state of aggressive arousal or a desire to dominate more.”

Too much drama for Curtis

Curtis is not interested in whatever drama is happening here

“It’s pretty clear from this posing that the communication and the action is focused around Maura, with the woman leaning in while the guy stretches an arm out towards Maura.
“Maura was a brilliantly strong and capable character in the villa and easily able to take care of herself.

“But the way Curtis lags back here suggests he’s keen to avoid drama rather than step into some reality star-style action.”

Talking to the hand on This Morning

Deflecting with a joke, not a good sign

“Maura and Curtis gave out some clues of contrasting personalities on their sofa interview here.

“There is a wide spatial gap and Curtis performs an attention-seeking leg splay while Maura leans back with a more demure leg cross.

“They joked their way out of commitment questions but the comedy conflict in these raised hand gestures suggests genuine disagreement.”

Relationship ‘starts to fade’

The conscious uncoupling starts… now

“With her massive popularity during Dancing On Ice and his growing profile on dance shows, the conscious uncoupling looks inevitable here.

“Curtis is all rigid, ballroom smiles and his one hand around Maura looks gentlemanly rather than sexy.

“There’s no pelvic touch to suggest closeness or intimacy and his one hand shoved in his pocket hints at a desire to hide.

“Maura’s show-stopping dress suggests a desire to present a very classic ‘Maura’ image again and her sultry eye-gaze with lowered head is aimed at the cameras rather than Curtis.”

Body language expert Judi James saw the writing on the wall for Maura and Curtis