Winter Love Island cast reunite as Nas ‘proposes’ to Eva – and she rejects him


THE stars of Love Island’s winter series reunited on Wednesday for a park gathering in London.

There was heartache for Nas Majeed during their catch-up, as he playfully proposed to girlfriend Eva Zapica – only for her to reject him.

Love Island’s Nas playfully proposed to Eva – only for her to reject him

The reality lovebirds – who spent ten weeks apart during lockdown – seemed cosy as they drove to Battersea Park together before cuddling up for a selfie.

However, Eva got coy about their romance when they joined the rest of the Love Island gang – couples Siannise Fudge and Luke Trotman and Priscilla Anyabu and Mike Boateng.

Siannise filmed Eva lying in the builder’s lap as she asked: “So Nas, what are you? Are you together yet?”

Luke added teasingly: “We wanna know!”

He got down on one knee and pretended to pop the question

Eva laughed and shoved him so that he fell over

Eva screamed and leaped off of Nas’ legs as her partner laughed and joked: “Certainly not, certainly not! Shambolic.”

Siannise persisted: “So when are you going to ask Eva to be your girlfriend? It’s been long enough now.”

Nas, 23, replied, “Probably in the next couple…” before taking a long pause.

Priscilla was similarly intrigued in another clip, saying: “So we’re just trying to find out when they’re going to get together.”

Siannise Fudge wanted to know when they were going to make it official

Nas and Eva met up with Priscilla, Mike, Siannise and Luke at Battersea Park in London

Nas, who was kneeling next to Eva, joked, “I’m already on one knee!”

Copping onto his quip, the 21-year-old laughed and shoved Nas so that he fell over.

The couple are still going strong despite isolating separately and being unable to see each other for weeks, with Nas joking that Eva is desperate for them to marry.

He quipped on Instagram: “You LOVE acting up for social media. This girl moves mad soppy when we’re one on one saying, Ah yeah, I miss you, can’t wait to see you, when you gonna ask for my hand in marriage etc etc.”

They spent ten weeks apart in lockdown

The couple sparked up a romance in Casa Amor

Meanwhile, Eva posted a cute snap of the pair on social media recently with no make-up or filter.

She wrote: “The most hideous pic on ur feed but I love it because it’s real.

“This was taken on our way to go home for the first time after Love Island, hence how tired we look.

“I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since the villa and 6 weeks since I’ve seen youuuu!! (In real life not FaceTime) MISS YOU.”

Recently he was forced to deny split rumours and hit back by insisting they are “couple goals”.

He slammed comments he has “no chemistry” with Eva, and hit back at fans who were convinced they’d split up. 

He also denied he should have stayed with Demi Jones and that he “fumbled the bag” by ditching her for Eva in Casa Amor on Love Island.