Builder wins £5,000 jackpot on online slot machines, but cash disappears due to Betfred error


A builder from Walthamstow in London, Tomasz Szulc, was left chasing £5,000 he won on slot machines for two months after the betting company lost his cash. Tomasz struck the jackpot while playing online slot machines on Betfred, winning the whopping £5,000 top prize. However, the money disappeared, and Betfred initially refused to track it down.

Builder left without access to his winnings

Tomasz struck gold on February 22 but was unable to celebrate as the money mysteriously vanished. Despite contacting Betfred about the missing cash, he was left without access to his winnings until external intervention helped resolve the issue.

After Betfred claimed they had already paid him, Tomasz found himself in a confusing situation where his bank, Nationwide, could not verify the payments. Betfred stopped responding to his emails, leaving him feeling stuck and frustrated.

Betfred resolves the issue after intervention

With external intervention, Betfred swiftly agreed to investigate the matter further. Although initially unable to explain the error, Betfred agreed to pay the cash directly to Tomasz's account, allowing him to withdraw it. Tomasz has since received part of his winnings and is set to receive the remaining amount soon.

What to do if your cash goes missing

If you find yourself in a situation where expected funds are missing, it's essential to contact the sender to confirm the details. If the money was sent to the wrong account, the sender can initiate a recovery process. If the details were correct but the money still hasn't arrived, involving the sender's bank and potentially the Financial Ombudsman Service can help resolve the issue.

Remember to document all communication with the company and escalate the complaint if necessary. The Financial Ombudsman Service can be reached at 0800 023 4567 for assistance in resolving financial disputes.

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