Best Supermarket Cheddar Cheese Revealed: Surprising Results Unveiled!


Price Drop Alert: Cheddar Cheese Becomes More Affordable

Great news for cheese enthusiasts! The cost of cheddar cheese is on the decline, with a 1kg block now priced at £8.88, down from £9.21 in 2023.

Supermarket Showdown: Testing Cheeses Head-to-Head

Our Sun Money expert, Lynsey Hope, put various supermarket cheddar cheeses to the test to uncover some surprising results.

Top Picks and Reviews

Here are some standout cheddar cheeses based on taste, value, and overall score:

  • Asda British Mature Cheddar: A top scorer with a perfect 10/10 for taste and value.
  • Aldi Emporium Mature Cheddar: Impresses with a 9/10 overall score and great value.
  • Tesco Mature Cheddar: A solid choice with an overall score of 8/10.

Surprising Findings and Recommendations

Discover which supermarket cheddar cheeses stood out for their flavor, texture, and value, and find your perfect match for cheeseboard perfection!

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