Are you eligible for a university scholarship? Find out now!


Record numbers of students quit due to financial strains

Thinking of going to university but worried about the costs? You may be eligible for a scholarship. National Scholarship Week begins on Monday, shining a light on available options.

How scholarships can make a difference

With rising student debt and increasing dropout rates, scholarships can be the key to successfully completing your degree. Discover how firms like Nationwide, Chaucer Group, and others are offering assistance.

Real-life success story

Cassandrah Mgoyo shares her journey to receiving a scholarship from the Chaucer Group, which changed the course of her life completely. Find out how scholarships can open doors for students in need.

Boost social mobility with these tips

Learn how your firm can drive change in social mobility with advice from Sarah Atkinson, CEO of the Social Mobility Foundation. From offering work experience to mentoring, find out how you can make a difference.

Start your career with no qualifications needed

Tesco is offering 150 places on its Stronger Starts retail apprenticeship, where applicants do not need any qualifications or experience. Gain valuable skills and experience in the retail industry with this opportunity.

Life on the rails: Southeastern's Social Mobility Action Plan

Southeastern is recruiting for 400 apprenticeships and 200 further jobs, including roles like train drivers, station staff, and more. Discover how Southeastern is leading the way in social mobility in the rail industry.