Burger King’s ‘real cheeseburger’ with 20 slices of American & no patty baffles fans who say it ‘belongs in a trash can’

Burger King fans left baffled by bizarre new menu option in Thailand that comes with no meat and 20 slices of cheese, , taken without permission , , https://www.tiktok.com/@chompu1003/video/7254040487839927558, https://www.tiktok.com/@nutapiwich/video/7254132075513646341, https://www.tiktok.com/@chinnirat_/video/7254566638689848578, https://www.tiktok.com/@oumcarrie/video/7254551782414650629?q=thailand%20cheeseburger%20burger%20king&t=1689117606864

A POPULAR fast-food joint has left customers shocked with its recent addition to the menu.

Burger King is now offering a meatless burger slapped with a shocking amount of cheese slices at its locations in Thailand.

A diner holds up the bizarre treat, packed full of American cheese

Burger King calls the item its Real Cheeseburger – despite containing no patty whatsoever

Earlier this week, the chain introduced the Real Cheeseburger, a bun stuffed with roughly 20 slices of American cheese.

The unusual burger seems to be offered at a discount, hitting the menu at just 09 Thai baht, which is a little over $3.

The usual price for a burger is roughly 380 baht, or almost $11.

Social Media couldn’t get enough of the new burger, with many people posting TikTok videos of themselves testing out the new meal.

Some headed to Twitter to react to the debut of Real Cheeseburger.

“One-way trip to heaven,” one person wrote.

Other people suspected that Burger King must be attempting to “Get rid of excess inventory.”

“I think you get your daily calcium intake with it,” another person joked.

Many people pointed out that the new invention was more or less the same thing as a grilled cheese.

On one Reddit thread, a person said that the new cheeseburger reminded them of their school lunch experience.

“This is what they gave us at school if we forgot our lunch money.”

Another person couldn’t imagine biting into such a thick layer of cheese.

“Oh GOD I can feel it on my teeth,” they exclaimed.

A third person could not accept the non-traditional cheese-filled burger.

“That belongs in a trash can somewhere,” the disgusted Reddit user wrote.

Even Burger King tapped into the conversation, using its Facebook page to confirm the arrival of the Real Cheeseburger.

“This is no joke. This is for real,” the company wrote in the social media post.

Apparently, the new item has been a huge hit with customers.

A shift manager was overheard saying its Bangkok store had to stop taking delivery orders so they could save enough Real Cheeseburgers to serve to in-store diners, according to a CNN report.

Other restaurant chains have gained traction across social media for introducing new items.

Most recently, the McDonald’s Grimace Shake has taken TikTok by storm, leading to millions of eerie videos promoting the purple treat.

Burger King’s latest Real Cheeseburger is catching up quickly.

Vegetarians may take to the meat-free meal which comes stacked thick with a patty alternative

Burger King fans were left shocked by the joint’s recent addition to the menu

Earlier this week, the chain introduced the Real Cheeseburger, a bun stuffed with roughly 20 slices of American cheese
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