Celebrate getting together outside again with these top picnic tricks


PICNICS are back on the table – or should that be the rug!

With the rule of six returning from today, up to six friends, or two households, are allowed to gather again outside.

With the rule of six returning from today, up to six friends, or two households, are allowed to gather again outside

So if you are celebrating with an outdoor lunch, save with these picnic tricks.

SHARE IT: Morrisons and Asda do fancy platters for around £8, but I always make my own.

Grab a tray and arrange home-cut, brightly coloured veggies around pots of dips.

You could also use cheese or ham and cheap crackers.

Or get on board with a popular social media trend by ditching plates and cutlery and simply using foil to empty piles of crisps, fruit or vegetables on to.

Just bin and go when you are done.

DISH IT OUT: Making a meal in bulk can prove cheaper than splashing out on snacks.

One savvy trick is to make a pasta bake and then buy paper cups (eight-pack from Wilko for £1) and fill one for each person.

BOX IT UP: On the Savers Facebook page, one mum revealed she makes a lunchbox for each member of the family.

This way she makes the exact amount for each person and stops costly waste.

Another option is to pick up one of B&M’s pink bamboo food section trays, which are fun for kids and just £2.50.

COOL IT: Instead of a flashy cool bag or box, freeze sarnies in advance and they will defrost on the way and keep the rest of the items chilled.

You can do the same with frozen tubes of yoghurt (Tesco’s Choobs are £1 for six).

To get the most out of drinks, I like to fill a bottle halfway and put it in the freezer horizontally.

When frozen, open and fill with water and then you have a cold drink that’s also defrosted enough for the car journey.

SIT PRETTY: For the proper picnic effect, buy yourself a geo-print pink throw from Dunelm, down from £10 to £8.

Or grab a beach towel instead.

You can also wrap your picnic items in the towel and tie it if you have not got a picnic bag.

However, bags for life tend to be my go-to.

  • Prices correct at time of going to press. Deals subject to availability.

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