Cleaning Expert Reveals Speedy Hack to Get Rid of Black Mould for Less Than 5p


Quick and Affordable Solution

A cleaning expert has unveiled a simple and cost-effective hack to eliminate black mould without breaking the bank. This genius trick takes just 15 minutes and requires only a few inexpensive supplies.

Step-by-Step Guide

The video tutorial begins by outlining the necessary ingredients for the hack. The cleaner proceeds to pour bleach into a bucket of water and mixes the solution. They then apply the mixture to a bathroom wall. The TikTok video, shared on the 'realsimple' page, provides clear instructions for viewers to follow.

Effective Technique

The cleaner reveals that equal parts bleach and water can effectively combat black mould. Using a sponge to saturate the affected area and a cotton ball for tight corners, they recommend letting the solution sit for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Affordable and Accessible

What makes this hack truly remarkable is its affordability. The required supplies, including water, bleach, and a small cotton wool pad, can be purchased for just £1.85. With each clean costing a little over 2p, this budget-friendly solution is a game-changer for tackling black mould.

Alternative Suggestions

Viewers of the video suggested using vinegar instead of bleach for optimal results. Experimenting with different ingredients can help tailor the hack to individual preferences.

More Cleaning Hacks

This black mould removal hack is just one of many cleaning tips and tricks shared online. Motorists dealing with oil stains on their driveways can discover a new technique that promises to remove these unsightly marks in just 30 minutes. Additionally, a cleaning whizz has revealed an expert method for achieving an incredible-smelling home without spending a fortune. Lastly, a self-proclaimed clean freak has shared their top tip for keeping couch cushions fresh by using bin bags.

With the rise of easily accessible cleaning hacks, homeowners can now tackle common issues like black mould with ease and affordability. Say goodbye to expensive cleaning services and hello to unlock the secrets of a spotless home.

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