Cleaning expert shares top £1 hack to banish condensation on windows


A cleaning expert has revealed his favorite £1 item to eliminate condensation on windows, just in time for the damp winter weather. The presence of moisture in the air leads to the dreaded mold and mildew, which can quickly turn surfaces black. To combat this, bathroom design expert Evan Jones recommends allowing plenty of air into your home to minimize the chance of mold growth. He suggests using a squeegee to remove condensation from windows and wiping it away with a towel. Rather than investing in an expensive window vacuum, Jones advises purchasing a simple squeegee from a local supermarket, such as the George Home squeegee from Asda for just £1.

Invest in a dehumidifier and improve airflow

In addition to using a squeegee, Jones also recommends investing in a dehumidifier to effectively draw moisture out of the air. Asda sells a four-pack of lavender-scented dehumidifiers for just £4, making it an affordable option. Furthermore, he suggests keeping furniture away from areas prone to mold, keeping air vents unobstructed, and avoiding draft-proofing rooms that are susceptible to dampness. By improving airflow in the home, the chances of condensation and dampness forming are significantly reduced.

Be mindful of drying clothes indoors

Many households opt to dry their clothes on airers instead of using a tumble dryer to save money. However, this practice can increase the risk of mold growth, as wet clothes release more moisture into the air. Jones advises giving clothes an extra spin in the washing machine to remove excess moisture before hanging them to dry. While tumble dryers can be expensive, using one with proper venting can effectively decrease the amount of moisture in the home.

By following these simple tips and incorporating the £1 squeegee into your cleaning routine, you can banish condensation and keep your home mold-free this winter.

Experts also recommend replacing air tight seals and keeping an eye on wall paint to prevent mold growth. Additionally, they suggest opening windows for a specific amount of time to allow for adequate ventilation.

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