Do You Have a Fortune Hidden in Your Attic?


Barbie-mania may be sweeping the globe, but for many of us, it's Sindy who holds the real nostalgic appeal. The iconic childhood doll is celebrating her 60th birthday this month, and collectors are willing to pay top dollar for certain models. So, if you have a Sindy doll stashed away in your attic, it could be worth serious cash.

What Makes a Sindy Doll Valuable?

According to collectibles expert Tracy Martin, early dolls are desirable, but it's the 1990s Sindy dolls that are becoming more sought after. Certain models, like The Trendy Girl and Active Sindy, have a massive following, and the outfits can actually command higher prices than the dolls themselves. Unlike other collectors, Sindy enthusiasts aren't overly concerned with mint condition, as part of the appeal is dressing them up.

The Most Collectable Sindys

Here are Tracy's top picks of the most collectable Sindys:

  • Trendy Girl Walking Sindy: Highly prized 1971 doll with a pop-off head and a twist waist. One sold at auction for £820 in 2004.
  • Marilyn Sindy: Released in 1968 with curly blonde hair and red lips, she can sell from £50 to £300.
  • Weekender Sindy: The original doll dressed by designers Tuffin and Foale. Can be found on eBay from £50, or more than £200 if boxed.
  • Sindy's pal, Gayle: The first black doll in 1978, now one of the most valuable. Can fetch £600 boxed and £300-£350 unboxed.
  • Anniversary Sindy: Limited-edition 60th anniversary doll (£89.95) that is likely to soar in value and be worth £300 in ten years.
  • Mitzi: Sindy's chic, beret-wearing French pal introduced in 1967. These dolls can make £700 in mint condition.
  • Active Sindy: The first to come with a stand and able to do dance poses. Collectors pay up to £500 for the original.
  • 1990s Sindy: These dolls looked more Barbie-esque, but the design had to be changed. They can now fetch a high price.

Today's Toys That Could Soar in Value

If you're looking to invest in toys with future value, Tracy advises keeping them in their original boxes away from sunlight. She also recommends finding a dry and not too hot place to store them, rather than the attic. Wrapping them in tissue paper and placing them inside another cardboard box is ideal. Here are Tracy's top picks of today's toys that could earn you cash in the future:

  • Cuddly Bears
  • Board Games
  • And more!

So, before you clear out your attic, take a closer look at those old toys. You never know, you could have a fortune hidden away!

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