From a Hibernating Tortoise to a Naughty Cat – Your Pet Queries Answered


Preparing Tortoises for Hibernation

With colder weather approaching, pet owners may be wondering how to best prepare their tortoises for hibernation. According to Sean, head vet at, the days of hibernating tortoises outside are pretty much over. Due to changing climates and an aging tortoise population, these animals require more care and attention. Sean recommends hibernating tortoises in a temperature-controlled fridge, preferably one dedicated just for them. For more information, visit the Tortoise Trust website.

Dealing with a Cat's Toilet Habits

One cat owner is experiencing the embarrassment of their cat using a neighbor's garden as a toilet. Sean suggests preventing the cat from entering the neighbor's garden by using cat excluders on top of walls and fences, effectively keeping the cat in its own space.

Protecting Cats from Sunburn

Another pet owner is concerned about their white cat, Snowy, getting sunburned. According to Sean, white cats are more prone to sunburn, especially on the face and ear tips which can increase the risk of skin cancer. Providing shade for Snowy is important, but there are also cat-safe sun lotions available. It's crucial not to use human sunscreen on pets, as some ingredients can be harmful to them, particularly cats.

Choosing the Right Dog Breed

A potential dog owner wants advice on the calmest and easiest breed. Sean emphasizes that there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as the choice depends on factors such as the owner's experience, activity level, and lifestyle. Matching a dog with an owner is a complex process, but rescue centers in the UK do a fantastic job of finding suitable matches. It's important to remember that dogs are not ready-made and may require training and work on certain issues.

Star of the Week

The star of the week is Liquorice Pause, a seven-year-old cat from the Pause Cat Cafe in Bournemouth. Liquorice participates in cat yoga sessions, helping people with their mental health. Spending time with animals, like Liquorice, has been proven to reduce stress, calm anxiety, and boost mood.

It's a Dog's Life for Holidaymakers

A recent poll by Wotton House country hotel in Dorking, Surrey, revealed that 91% of dog owners take their pets on staycations. 63% even buy their dogs new outfits for these getaways. Furthermore, 83% of owners prioritize their pets' needs when choosing a holiday destination, often sharing a bed with them. Many owners celebrate their dog's birthday with a trip away and share their holiday experiences on social media. The hotel offers a special "Pooch Package" to cater to the needs of their furry guests.

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