How motorists can get an MOT worth £40 at Halfords for just £1


Drivers can bag themselves an MOT worth £40 from Halfords for just £1 under a mega deal the shop is flogging up until mid-April.

The retailer is offering free MOTs to customers, as long as they buy any item in store or online.

Drivers can get a free MOT at Halfords if they buy anything in store up by April 19

This means you could buy this 10 litre bucket for £1, and book yourself in for an MOT at one of 350 Halfords Autocentres at no extra cost.

To get the deal, you’ll have to buy something from the store or online by April 19. 

A voucher will be sent to your email address automatically if you’re shopping online.

If you’re making a purchase in store, then make sure to tell the cashier your email address for the voucher to be sent to you.

Within seven days of making your purchase, your voucher will arrive in your inbox, which contains a unique code.

Then, head to Halford’s website, click on the menu on the left-hand side of the page and select the MOT (or MOT & Service) tab.

Then, select the MOT option which is worth £39.85 – or click here.

You can then book a slot at your local Autocentre.

When you get to the checkout, enter your unique code in the “promo code” box, and you’ll get your MOT for free.

You have until May 21 to redeem the voucher to get your free MOT, and you can book your car in for an MOT at any point up until November 21.

It really is a good deal, as we couldn’t find MOTs being flogged for free elsewhere.

The only other cheap MOT test we could spot was at Kwik Fit, where you can get one done from £27.

If you’re planning on visiting your local Halfords store to get the deal, you can check out where your nearest branch is using the Halford’s shop locator tool on its website.

It comes as drivers now face a hefty fine if they don’t renew their MOT a six month extension to get a check done ended last month.

Drivers whose MOT ran out last year were given an extra six months to get their car tested because of the Covid crisis.

But this ended on February 1, which means everyone who has an expired MOT must now get one or face a £1,000 fine.

You can get an MOT up to a month, minus a day, before it expires – and still keep the same renewal date.

If you own a brand new car then you don’t have to get an MOT until the third anniversary of its registration.

After that, you have to get your vehicle tested every 12 months.

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