How to get a McDonald’s Big Mac for only 99p


HUNGRY McDonald’s fans can get a Big Mac for just 99p with a tasty new offer from the food chain.

Vegetarians can cash in on a cheap lunch too as the offer also applies to a Filet-o-Fish.

A Big Mac can be your for just 99p when you order through the McDonald’s app

It means you can save £2.30 on Big Mac, which usually costs £3.29 – but the price can vary depending on your location.

And a Filet-o-Fish usually costs £3.09 (again depending on location), giving you a saving of £2.10.

To get the deal you’ll need to place an order through the McDonald’s app, then pick up the burger at the restaurant or at the drive-thru.

You won’t be able to use the offer if you’re ordering for delivery to your home through Just Eat or Uber Eats.

McDonald’s remains open during the second lockdown in England for drive-thru, delivery and takeaway services – you can’t eat in.

Using the McDonald’s app means you’ll have to share your details such as name and email.

When you open the app, go to the deals tab where you’ll find the discount and follow the instructions for ordering.

We’ve asked McDonald’s if the offer is just for people who already have the McDonald’s app, or if new users can get it too when they sign up, and will update when we hear back.

Maccies has done 99p Big Macs before, sometimes for just one day, but the deal lasts a little longer this time – it’s available until December 9.

There are also something locations where the deal is not available.

If you’re wanting a full meal, you’ll have to buy your fries and drink separately because they are not included.

A Big Mac meal which includes burger, fries and drink costs £4.49, depending on where you are, so depending on what you’re ordering, it’s worth adding up if the deal or a meal works out cheaper.

The latest offer comes after Maccies said it would give out free chicken nuggets for Black Friday when ordering through Just Eat.

You’ll have to buy a Big Mac or Big Mac meal to get the freebie though and you won’t be able to use the 99p app deal at the same time.

And new app users can get a free cheeseburger.

McDonald’s has also just launched it’s Christmas menu which includes a DOUBLE Big Mac.

Have you seen McDonald’s Christmas advert? The heart-warming ad features a spine-tingling Becky Hill cover and viewers think it’s better than the John Lewis trailer.

KFC fans can now get a free pot of gravy with every order until January 3 when ordering through its mobile app.

And Domino’s has combined two popular end-of-a-night-out dishes and launched the new doner kebab pizza.