I live off £20 a week shopping at Tesco… it’s so easy – here’s how you can too


A thrifty shopper has revealed his secrets to living off just £20 a week by shopping at Tesco. Conor O'Neill, a 20-year-old video editor from London, shared his tips on how to slash grocery costs and save £150 a month. With the rising cost of living, O'Neill explains how he still manages to prioritize high-protein products while keeping costs down.

Reducing the grocery bill

Prior to his savvy shopping habits, O'Neill would spend £60 each week on protein-packed meals. However, he now spends just £19.40 by finding budget versions of his favorite items. By doing some research and experimenting, he discovered a meal plan that is both cost-effective and easy to stick to.

Meal plan breakdown

O'Neill's daily diet includes fried eggs or banana oats for breakfast, either sausages and rice with vegetables or a tuna and sweetcorn wrap for lunch, and dinners like pork chilli or sweet potatoes stuffed with black beans and tomato. By shopping smart at Tesco, O'Neill is able to cover his weekly breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for just £20.

Shopping list essentials

For breakfasts, O'Neill picks up six eggs for £1.50, 1kg of oats at 90p, four bananas for 87p, and a 2-pint bottle of semi-skimmed milk for £1.20. For lunches, he opts for frozen broccoli and cauliflower for 80p and eight Woodside Farm pork sausages for £1.50. For alternative lunches, O'Neill buys eight wholemeal tortilla wraps priced at £1.10, three tins of tuna chunks for £2.40, and a 200g can of sweetcorn for 65p. For dinners, he purchases 500g of Woodside Farm pork mince for £2.65, two brown onions for 34p, red kidney beans for 95p, 1kg of potatoes for £1.09, and a 55p red pepper. He also buys 400g of black beans for 65p and two tins of Tesco Italian chopped tomatoes for £1.

Impressive savings

O'Neill's thrifty shopping habits have impressed many, including Tom Church, co-founder of Latest Deals. With such significant monthly savings, O'Neill's meal plan is something that many people will likely try to replicate.

Other money-saving tips

In addition to O'Neill's advice, there have been other suggestions for saving money. Tips range from buying second-hand outfits to keeping cool and saving on energy bills. Additionally, there is advice on the best bargain day to drink and dine at popular pub chain Wetherspoons. Tesco has also become a popular option for families looking to slash the price of summer essentials.

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