I pay for all my pints at the pub using my easy side hustle – here’s how you can do it too


A STUDENT pays for his pints at the pub with the cash he makes from his side hustle.

Tyler Potts pockets an extra £320 a month doing odd jobs alongside his full-time nursing degree.

Tyler Potts pays for pints at the pub with the cash he makes from his side hustle

The student pockets around £320 a month – or £3,840 a year

The 21-year-old was previously struggling to pay his rent and go out and have a good time with his pals.

But now, Tyler earns more than enough on the side to fund his social life and contribute towards his living expenses.

Tyler, who lives in Earl’s Court, West London, said: “I spend some of the money on going to the pub with my mates and sometimes new clothes.

“My friends are definitely jealous. They are always surprised when I tell them I made £40 for carrying a sofa up a flight of stairs.

“I love being my own boss. And there’s no managers, long hours or lengthy briefings.”

He said his demanding course at Kingston University makes it hard for him to pick up typical part-time work.

But signing up to the website Airtasker, which connects people who need work done with those who want work, has seen him take on odd jobs that can fit around his hectic lifestyle.

He has assembled furniture, helped with house removals and even moved an old wine barrel ice bath at 11pm.

And in doing so just a couple of times a week, he makes £320 a month, or £3,840 a year – plus tips.

It all helps him pay for his pub trips, food shops and monthly bills.

Tyler, whose rent and household costs set him back £800 a month, said: “Being a student can make it hard to get part-time work between placements and studies but I’ve been able to make some easy extra cash.

“I’ve mainly done removals, carrying a lot of fridges and washing machines up staircases and through tight spaces.

“Delivery men often refuse to take items to the final destination and up narrow flights of stairs but I can help.

“One woman even paid me £100 to watch some parcels for three hours in case the UPS pickup came while she was out.

“I would definitely recommend it to other students.”

Tyler, who shares a flat with two mates, said a chunk of the cash goes towards his day-to-day spending as the cost of living rises, but really he has his sights set on concert tickets.

“I’m definitely worried about the cost of living increasing,” he said.

“I think this is on everyone’s mind at the minute, but my side hustle takes some of the pressure off.

“Ultimately though, I’m saving up to try to buy a ticket for Bruce Springsteen at BST Hyde Park next summer.”

Verified students can get £10 off their first tasks on Airtasker using UNiDAYS.