I’m an Avon lady – I earn an extra £230 a month with my side hustle and you can too


YOU might remember the slogan: ding dong, Avon calling! But did you know a side hustle with the beauty catalogue could earn you a fortune?

Lots of people are looking for ways to earn some extra cash in their spare time as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Laura Shaw, 36, who’s been an Avon sales representative for three years

Laura Shaw, 36, became an Avon sales representative three years ago, and fits it in alongside her two main jobs.

Laura, who also works part-time for a marketing company in the UK and for another marketing firm in Dubai – earns an extra £230 a month by selling beauty products to customers online as well as in person.

Laura told HOAR: “I heard about Avon through a friend and when I learned about the earnings opportunity, I was sold!

“I’ve always been someone who loves to shop for things that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so it suited me down to the ground.”

Earning extra money is particularly important to Laura, who previously racked up £4,000 in debt.

Having a side hustle as well as her main job has helped Laura clear her debts and start saving.

In the first two years, she earned up to £800 a month as an Avon lady. And while she has now scaled back her hours to fit around her other work, she still pockets an extra £230 a month on average.

Avon reps earn an income by selling products from the firm, handing out brochures to customers and helping them shop either online or via a face-to-face appointment.

Laura spends two hours a week working for Avon – she sells an average of 60 products a month, worth roughly £1,000 altogether.

The items she sells range from £2 up to £18, and Laura said the most popular products are a Protinol Serum and perfume, which cost up to £20 each.

She earns a 25% commission on everything she sells, so her monthly income varies – the most Laura has earned in a single week is £300.

She said: “At that time, I was delivering a few brochures to customers as well as making content on social media showcasing how to use various products.

“It was a fun and an engaging way of talking with friends and customers.”

To start as an Avon Rep, you need to apply online and provide some basic contact details.

There’s a joining fee of £16, and Laura said for this Avon provided her with brochures, delivery bags, order forms and some training.

She then earns a commission on whatever she sells – as well as a discount on products for herself.

She said: “I really liked that I could start earning from my first £1 of sales.”

As a self-employed worker, Laura declares her income via a self-assessment form – you’ll need to do this if you’re earning money through a side hustle.

And another unexpected benefit has been the friends she has made through her Avon gig.

She said: “When I first started, I remember telling myself I didn’t have time for new friends and now I’m going to be a bridesmaid for one of my team members.”

As well as extra earnings and a staff discount, Laura gets perks through the Avon Rewards system, which are points you earn as a rep.

These can be exchanged for vouchers to use at the likes of Amazon and H&M.

She said: “The cost-of-living crisis has affected everyone’s finances, so these benefits make a huge difference day-to-day.

“I’ve been able to purchase things with my points that would have otherwise cost me a lot.”

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