Marks & Spencer’s “Bargain” Mushroom Soup is a Hit Among Shoppers


Snag a Cheap and Delicious Meal

When it comes to supermarkets, Marks & Spencer's is often seen as the pricier option. However, the store is surprising customers with unexpected deals, much to the delight of foodies. In the midst of the cost of living crisis, shoppers have discovered an 85p treat that's perfect for lunch or dinner. It's no wonder M&S shoppers are rushing to grab it.

The Money-Saving Tip Taking TikTok by Storm

A popular TikTok user known as Cost Of Living Crisis Tips has shared a "money-saving tip" from M&S. In a video filmed during his shopping trip, he unveils the secret: a cup of four sachets of mushroom soup for just 85p. All you have to do is add hot water, stir, and wait for two minutes. With the added croutons, it may not look appetizing, but it certainly tastes great. The video has gained significant attention, with many praising M&S for its affordable options.

M&S Continues to Impress with Bargains

This isn't the first time that shoppers have been impressed by Marks & Spencer's affordable offerings. One savvy mum, Jo Rourke, managed to do a massive £66.42 haul from the store. Her haul included boxes of cereal, fresh fruits and vegetables, treats for her children, and meat. She couldn't believe how much she got for the money and was particularly pleased with the discounts on crumpets and tomatoes. Other TikTok users also shared their positive experiences with M&S, praising the store for its quality produce.